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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
The Last Major Merger of the Milky Way Prashin Jethwa (IoA) 11 February 2015
Feeding the supermassive black hole in the Milky Way Nathalie Degenaar (University of Michigan -> IoA) 11 February 2015
Probing reionization with QSO near zones Laura Keating (IoA) 4 February 2015
Seeding High Redshift QSOs by Collisional Runaway in Primordial Star Clusters Harley Katz (IoA) 4 February 2015
Characterizing High-Velocity Stars in the RAVE Survey: The Discovery of a Metal-Rich Halo Star Born in the Galactic Disk Keith Hawkins (IoA) 28 January 2015
Hunting for extragalactic nuclear transients with Gaia Nadia Blagorodnova (IoA) 28 January 2015
Unravelling the mystery of gas in debris disks [POSTPONED] Luca Matra (IoA) 21 January 2015
Probing the co-evolution of AGN and their host galaxies out to z~1 [POSTPONED] James Aird (Durham->IoA) 21 January 2015
Encounters between young stars and protoplanetary disc evolution Giovanni Rosotti (LMU -> IoA) 14 January 2015
X-raying turbulence and cooling in clusters of galaxies Ciro Pinto (IoA) 14 January 2015
Title Speaker Date
Star formation in molecular clouds extracted from galaxy simulations: The effect of galactic flows Ramon Rey-Raposo (Exeter) 10 December 2014
Improving Precision in Exoplanet Transit Detection Aimee Hall (IoA) 10 December 2014
Open Access and your research publications Michele Ide-Smith 3 December 2014
Observability of planet-induced spirals in protoplanetary discs in scattered light Attila Juhasz (Leiden -> IoA) 3 December 2014
Imaging and Spectroscopy of Faint Stellar Companions with Project 1640 Eleanor Bacchus (IoA) 26 November 2014
Modelling the circumstellar medium in RS Oph and its connection to the progenitors of Type Ia supernovae Richard Booth (Oxford -> IoA) 19 November 2014
A First Look at the Interior Structure of Massive High-Redshift Galaxies using Strong Gravitational Lensing Adam Muzzin (Leiden -> IoA) 19 November 2014
Encounters between young stars and protoplanetary disc evolution [CANCELLED] Giovanni Rosotti (LMU/USM -> IoA) 12 November 2014
CMB Lensing Tomography with the Dark Energy Survey and the South Pole Telescope Tommaso Giannantonio (LMU/USM -> IoA) 12 November 2014
The Formation and Baryon Cycle of Field Dwarf Galaxies in Cosmological Zoom-in Simulations Sijing Shen (UCSC -> IoA) 5 November 2014
Dynamics of the Milky Way Jason Sanders (Oxford -> IoA) 5 November 2014
Where to spot the pressure smoothing of the IGM Girish Kulkarni (MPIA -> IoA) 29 October 2014
Unveiling the Key Aspects that Drive AGN Jet Kinematics Ashley King (Michigan -> IoA) 29 October 2014
The quest for a representative picture of local supermassive black hole accretion Ranjan Vasudevan (Maryland -> IoA) 22 October 2014
Measuring the Filtering Scale of the Intergalactic Medium with Close Quasar Pairs Alberto Rorai (MPIA -> IoA) 22 October 2014
High-resolution 3D dust radiative transfer model of the grand-design spiral galaxy M51 Ilse de Looze (Ghent/IoA) 15 October 2014
Broad-Line Radio Galaxies in the NuSTAR Era Anne Lohfink (Maryland -> IoA) 15 October 2014
Coevolution of black holes and their host galaxies (?) Debora Sijacki (IoA) 8 October 2014
The Mass of the Milky Way Galaxy Wyn Evans (IoA) 8 October 2014
The Magellanic Stream - A Tail of Two Galaxies Andrew Fox, STScI 17 September 2014