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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
OPTICON - the EC Coordination network in OIR astronomy Gerry Gilmore 4 May 2016
The formation history and total mass of globular clusters in the Fornax dSph Thomas de Boer 4 May 2016
The Haloes of the Milky Way Angus Williams 27 April 2016
Shaping galaxies with AGN feedback Martin Bourne 27 April 2016
M101-OT: a massive stellar merger in the Pinwheel Galaxy Nadia Blagorodnova (Caltech) 20 April 2016
Nature or Nurture?: Probing External Feedback on Young Stars in W3 Serena Kim (Steward Observatory) 20 April 2016
Dynamical Constraints in Super Earth Systems Matthew Read 2 March 2016
Dark matter annihilation in the Milky Way dwarf spheroidals Jason Sanders 2 March 2016
Shaping galaxies with AGN feedback Martin Bourne 24 February 2016
The midplane conditions of protoplanetary discs: a case study of HD163296 Dominika Boneberg (IOA) 24 February 2016
The shape of the Milky Way's dark halo Adam Bowden 17 February 2016
Out of the Dust: Unveiling the population of quasar host galaxies Clare Wethers 17 February 2016
AGN Coronae in the NuSTAR Era Anne Lohfink 10 February 2016
Burning Questions in Stellar Evolution: Exploring Uncertainties in Mixing & Nuclear Reaction Rates Ghina Halabi 10 February 2016
New results on disc photoevaporation Cathie Clarke 3 February 2016
Constraining the Shape of a Halo with Tidal Streams Denis Erkal 3 February 2016
Searching for the Accreted Galactic Halo in the APOGEE Survey Keith Hawkins 27 January 2016
Can we detect super-Earths in proto-planetary discs? Giovanni Rosotti 27 January 2016
The formation of slow and fast rotating elliptical galaxies Benjamin Moster 20 January 2016
Measuring the inner accretion disk in X-ray binaries Michael Parker 20 January 2016
The Li-rich Giant Problem Andy Casey 13 January 2016
Constraining the early stages of stellar evolution with eclipsing binaries Ed Gillen (Cavendish) 13 January 2016
Title Speaker Date
Combining radiative-transfer modelling and high-resolution observations at both ends of the stellar life cycle Peter Scicluna (ASIAA Taiwan) 16 December 2015
Cosmological neutrino mass detection in the next five years Rupert Allison (Oxford) 9 December 2015
A comprehensive study of ionised outflows in X-rays in active galactic nuclei (AGN) Sibasish Laha (QUB, Belfast) 9 December 2015
The kinematic SZ effect with DES and SPT: Measuring the speed of galaxy clusters from the CMB Bjoern Soergel (Institute of Astronomy) 2 December 2015
Searching for Metal Absorbers up to redshift 7 Sarah Bosman (Institute of Astronomy) 2 December 2015
Modelling and observations of molecules in discs around young stars John Ilee (Institute of Astronomy) 25 November 2015
Disky dwarf disruption and the shape of the Galactic halo Simon Gibbons (Institute of Astronomy) 25 November 2015
Mapping lensed quasars: accretion discs, broad line regions, and outflows Nick Bate (Institute of Astronomy) 18 November 2015