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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Quasar Host Galaxies at z~2 with ALMA Dr. Manda Banerji (University of Cambridge) 10 May 2017
Microseismic event detection using machine learning and Bayesian inference Saptarshi Das 3 May 2017
New empirical calibrations of strong line metallicity indicators Mirko Curti 3 May 2017
(Ex-?)Binary stars in the Galactic thick disc Dr. Robert Izzard (University of Cambridge) 26 April 2017
The spiralling signatures of planet formation Farzana Meru 26 April 2017
Tidal Synchronisation of Close sdB Binaries: The Role of Convective Cores. Holly Preece 22 March 2017
Observable signatures of clouds in exoplanetary atmospheres Arazi Pinhas 22 March 2017
Lensed quasars in DES and Gaia Cameron Lemon 8 March 2017
Exploring AGN Feedback Models in Cosmological Simulations Nick Henden 8 March 2017
Peering Through The Clouds: Retrieving Properties of Transiting Exoplanet Atmospheres Ryan MacDonald 22 February 2017
Mixing in Massive Stars Adam Jermyn 22 February 2017
Using Planck to explore oscillations and features in the primordial power spectrum Pablo Lemos Portela 15 February 2017
Stellar streams around the Magellanic Clouds in 4D Camila Navarrete 15 February 2017
Star formation and metallicity of low-mass galaxies out to z~1: Recent progress from deep spectroscopic surveys Ricardo Amorin 8 February 2017
The shut down of star formation in galaxies at z~1: obtaining direct evidence for its environmental dependence Jasleen Matharu 8 February 2017
Self-Consistent Emission Spectra of Exoplanetary Atmospheres. Siddharth Gandhi 1 February 2017
Searching for bio-signatures with direct imaging/spectroscopy Ian Parry 1 February 2017
Rapidly Variable Relativistic Outflows from AGN Michael Parker 25 January 2017
Phylogenetics and the chemical evolution of the Galaxy Paula Jofre 25 January 2017
How does planetary material arrive in the atmospheres of white dwarfs? Amy Bonsor 18 January 2017
White Dwarfs, Gaia, and The Age of the Galaxy Ted von Hippel 18 January 2017
Delensing CMB B-modes: results from SPT. Alessandro Manzotti (Chicago) 11 January 2017
X-ray spectroscopy of the intracluster medium. - Hitomi meets the Perseus cluster - Takayuki Tamura (ISAS, JAXA) 11 January 2017
Valuable insights into the mass loss mechanism of AGB stars given by high spatial resolution techniques Iva Karovicova (Heidelberg) 4 January 2017
Correcting Gaia TGAS parallaxes with the help of the red clump and asteroseismology Guy Davies (Birmingham) 4 January 2017
Title Speaker Date
Shaken and stirred: turbulence and rotation in molecular cloud cores Benjamin Lewis (Exeter) 14 December 2016
LITTLE THINGS in 3D: robust determination of circular velocity of dwarf irregular galaxies Giuliano Ioro (Bologna) 14 December 2016
Cosmology via Massive Burst of Star Formation Ricardo Chavez 7 December 2016
Studying accretion onto black holes using QPO phase lags Jakob van der Eijnden (University of Amsterdam) 7 December 2016
Predictions for the 21 cm signal from the epoch of reionization Girish Kulkarni 30 November 2016