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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Exploring the metal-poor inner Galaxy with the Pristine survey Anke Arentsen (AIP) 13 November 2019
The 1919 eclipse which verified General Relativity and its later detractors: what happened, which story is “correct”? Gerry Gilmore & Gudrun Tausch-Pebody 6 November 2019
Exploring the Link between Quasar Outflows and Hot Dust Emission Matthew Temple 6 November 2019
Tracing the origin of magnetic fields in galaxies Sergio Martin 30 October 2019
Dust Spreading in Debris Discs - Do Small Grains Cling on to Their Birth Environment? Nicole Pawellek 30 October 2019
Fingerprints of giant planets hidden among the solar twins Richard Booth 23 October 2019
Particle acceleration to the highest energies in radio galaxies James Matthews 23 October 2019
Cross-correlating optical and sub-millimeter surveys to probe cosmology and planetary science Eric Baxter 16 October 2019
The Spatially Resolved Properties of Galaxy Mergers from MaNGA Mallory Thorp 16 October 2019
Rocky Exoplanets, Geology and White Dwarfs Amy Bonsor 9 October 2019
What transients can teach us about common envelope evolution? Nadejda Blagorodnova 9 October 2019
Kinematics features of the Milky Way globular clusters Andres Piatti (Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentine) 25 September 2019
Detection of the warm-hot baryons in the Universe Yin-Zhe Ma ((University of KwaZulu-Natal) 25 September 2019
Ultra-luminous X-ray pulsars and super-Eddington accretion Felix Fürst, ESAC 10 July 2019
On the evolution of the disk and corona in accreting black hole binaries Javier Garcia, Caltech 10 July 2019
Lessons from Apollo 50 Years Later John Lattanzio (Monash University) 19 June 2019
Prospects for CMB polarisation B-mode delensing with the Simons Observatory Anton Baleato 12 June 2019
Extending the fundamental metallicity relation to non star-forming galaxies Nimisha Kumari 12 June 2019
Real-Time Classification of Explosive Transients Using Deep Learning Daniel Muthukrishna 5 June 2019
Powerful Sound Waves from AGN Jets Christopher Bambic 5 June 2019
Getting rid of hydrogen in evolved massive stars Avishai Gilkis 29 May 2019
Final CMB lensing results from Planck Anthony Challinor 29 May 2019
Gaia wide binaries challenging a Newtonian prediction Xavier Hernández (IA, UNAM) 22 May 2019
Combining absorption and emission features in an investigation of quasar outflows Amy Rankine 22 May 2019
Modelling the mass-SFR relation at high redshift Emma Curtis Lake (KICC) 15 May 2019
Astrophotonics: The Next Wave in Astronomical Instrumentation Sylvain Veilleux (University of Maryland) 15 May 2019
Models of Diffuse Ionised Gas in star-forming galaxies Bert Vandenbroucke (University of St Andrews) 8 May 2019
The Impact of Photo-ionization Feedback on Massive Star Formation Nina Sartorio (University of St Andrews) 8 May 2019
Challenges from Galactic chemical evolution for galaxy evolution Gerry Gilmore 1 May 2019
30 years of Relativistic Reflection Andy Fabian 24 April 2019