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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Binary Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton accretion Tom Comerford 13 June 2018
Studying the population of black holes in the Milky Way with microlensing Lukasz Wyrzykowski 6 June 2018
Axions and their astronomical imprints David Marsh 6 June 2018
Stellar structure and substructure of the Milky Way halo Gyuchul Myeong 30 May 2018
Clustering of Lya-emitters at 3<z<6 in MUSE-Wide Catrina Diener 30 May 2018
O/H-N/O: the curious case of NGC 4670 Nimisha Kumari 23 May 2018
On velocity dispersions of massive compact galaxies Luis Peralta de Arriba 23 May 2018
Hypervelocity discoveries with Gaia DR2 Douglas Boubert 16 May 2018
NGC 300 ULX1: The Fourth Musketeer Dom Walton 16 May 2018
Cosmology from galaxy clusters and CMB lensing Inigo Zubeldia Lafuente 9 May 2018
Understanding Analyses of Related Data Sets Steven Gratton 9 May 2018
A better way to observe high-redshift gas Matt Bothwell 2 May 2018
Mapping the inner accretion region of AGN with X-ray variability Will Alston 2 May 2018
Overview of Gaia Data Release 2: contents, properties, limitations Dafydd W. Evans, Francesca De Angeli 25 April 2018
The SkyHopper Space Telescope: Big Science with a Tiny Telescope Michele Trenti (University of Melbourne) 18 April 2018
Interiors & atmospheres of Super-Earths Caroline Dorn (Universitaet Zurich) 18 April 2018
Accretion dIscs in not-so-compact binaries Koji Mukai (Goddard Space Flight Centre) 11 April 2018
Spatially Resolving Outflows at the Peak of Cosmic Star-Formation Bethan James (STScI) 11 April 2018
Gaia and microlensing - an opportunity for Black Holes search Kris Rybicki (Warsaw) 28 March 2018
Dark matter spikes around Kerr black holes Francesc Ferrer (WUSTL) 21 March 2018
Gone with the wind: The impact of wind mass transfer on the orbital evolution of binary stars Martha Irene Saladino (Radboud) 21 March 2018
Tuning the stellar parameters of Red Giants using spectroscopy and asteroseismology Clare Worley 7 March 2018
Equality and Diversity - Athena SWAN and Juno Ian Parry 7 March 2018
Signatures of black hole seed formation across cosmic time Colin DeGraf 28 February 2018
Planet Formation in Stellar Clusters Andrew Winter 28 February 2018
The Evolution of Massive Galaxies from 0 < z < 5 Adam Muzzin (York University, Toronto) 21 February 2018
On Non-Circular Accretion Discs Elliot Lynch 21 February 2018
Stop. Think. Click. Kieren Lovell 17 January 2018
The telltale heartbeat: how planets on eccentric orbits reveal themselves through tides Zephyr Penoyre (Columbia) 17 January 2018
Title Speaker Date
Polluted White Dwarfs: Insights Regarding Exo-Planetary Systems John Harrison 6 December 2017