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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Galaxy Evolution with KMOS Laura Prichard (Oxford) 6 July 2016
Morphologically dependent galaxy quenching and the role of AGN feedback Rebecca Smethurst (Oxford) 6 July 2016
Title to be confirmed Joss Bland-Hawthorn (Sydney) 4 July 2016
Hungry black holes - tidal disruption of stars in the nuclei of galaxies in OGLE and Gaia surveys. Lukasz Wyrzykowski (Warsaw Observatory, Poland) 29 June 2016
Stellar haloes as probes of galaxy evolution Payel Das (University of Oxford) 29 June 2016
Suppression of star-formation by quasar driven winds in gas-rich host galaxies at z<1 Dominika Wylezalek (John Hopkins University) 22 June 2016
On the lookout for peculiar stars: Diagnostics/classification of spectra in large spectroscopic surveys Gregor Traven (University of Ljubljana) 22 June 2016
iLocater: Breaking the 1m/s radial velocity precision barrier Jonathan Crass (University of Notre Dame) 15 June 2016
The brightest supernova explosions: current knowledge and future research Cosimo Inserra (Queen's Belfast) 15 June 2016
Computer vision & Machine Learning: An Application in Digital Pathology Ali Dariush 8 June 2016
Encounter-driven fragmentation in irradiated self-gravitating discs Farzana Meru 8 June 2016
The Temperature of the Emptiest Regions of the Universe Alberto Rorai 1 June 2016
The dusty tail of disintegrating exoplanet KIC 12557548b Rik van Lieshout 1 June 2016
The Gaia-ESO Survey: investigating the globular cluster sample Clare Worley 25 May 2016
ISM modelling in cosmological simulations; a critical study Matthew Smith 25 May 2016
Gaia - Experience and results from the first operation cycle Francesca De Angeli 18 May 2016
Tracing the main sequence of star formation in X-rays James Aird 18 May 2016
The Magellanic Origin of the DES Dwarfs Prashin Jethwa 11 May 2016
Testing feedback models with high-redshift metals Laura Keating 11 May 2016
OPTICON - the EC Coordination network in OIR astronomy Gerry Gilmore 4 May 2016
The formation history and total mass of globular clusters in the Fornax dSph Thomas de Boer 4 May 2016
The Haloes of the Milky Way Angus Williams 27 April 2016
Shaping galaxies with AGN feedback Martin Bourne 27 April 2016
M101-OT: a massive stellar merger in the Pinwheel Galaxy Nadia Blagorodnova (Caltech) 20 April 2016
Nature or Nurture?: Probing External Feedback on Young Stars in W3 Serena Kim (Steward Observatory) 20 April 2016
Dynamical Constraints in Super Earth Systems Matthew Read 2 March 2016
Dark matter annihilation in the Milky Way dwarf spheroidals Jason Sanders 2 March 2016
Shaping galaxies with AGN feedback Martin Bourne 24 February 2016
The midplane conditions of protoplanetary discs: a case study of HD163296 Dominika Boneberg (IOA) 24 February 2016
The shape of the Milky Way's dark halo Adam Bowden 17 February 2016