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Title Speaker Date
Blandford-Znajek jets in galaxy formation simulations Rosie Talbot 10 March 2021
Modelling Thorne-Zytkow Objects Alex Hackett 10 March 2021
Dwarf galaxies beyond supernova feedback: galaxy formation with radiation, magnetic fields, and cosmic rays Sergio Martin-Alvarez 3 March 2021
Reduced Atmospheres of Post-Impact Worlds Jonathan Itcovitz 3 March 2021
Probing Cosmic Dawn with the first galaxies Nicolas Laporte 24 February 2021
How planets grow by pebble accretion Marc Brouwers 24 February 2021
Paul Murdin prize award ceremony Multiple 17 February 2021
Demographics of grain growth in the Lupus protoplanetary discs from ALMA 
multi-wavelength surveys. Marco Tazzari, IoA. 10 February 2021
Building Models of Black Hole Variability. Michael Parker, IoA. 10 February 2021
The effect of the streaming instability on protoplanetary disc emission at mm wavelengths Chiara Scardoni 3 February 2021
Tango for three: Sagittarius, LMC, and the Milky Way Eugene Vasiliev 27 January 2021
Missing methane: Tracing anthropogenic methane emissions from space Clay Roberts 27 January 2021
A Dusty Origin for the Correlation Between Protoplanetary Disc Accretion Rates and Dust Masses Andrew Sellek 20 January 2021
Title Speaker Date
The evolution of young planetary systems in Lupus: Early planetesimal belt formation, rapid disc dispersal, and fast gas outflows Josh Lovell 9 December 2020
Discovery of high-z lensed quasars revealed by Gaia Chris Desira 25 November 2020
Spectroscopic-asteroseismic analysis of K2 stars in Gaia-ESO Clare Worley 25 November 2020
Inference of the optical depth to reionization from low multipole temperature and polarisation Planck data Roger de Belsunce 18 November 2020
Assessing the fractal behaviour of solar-like stars with 2D box-counting Francisco Paz-Chinchon 18 November 2020
Dense gas in galaxy clusters under the influence of an AGN jet Ricarda Beckmann 11 November 2020
Cosmic Mysteries and the Hydrogen 21cm Line Anastasia Fialkov 11 November 2020
Title to be confirmed Joanna Piotrowska 4 November 2020
Thermal instability: evolution of cold gas in the hot ICM Prakriti PalChoudhury 4 November 2020
TBC TBC 28 October 2020
An emission line study of a unique, strongly lensed galaxy at z ~ 5: connecting Lyman-α and MgII λ 2796 Å emission at high redshift Joris Witstok 21 October 2020
CSD3 - What It Is & Getting Access Stuart Rankin (HPCS) 14 October 2020
A “Klever” probe of the ISM in high redshift galaxies Mirko Curti 14 October 2020
The wealth of hidden binaries in Gaia Zephyr Penoyre 7 October 2020
Pieces of the Planetary Nebula Puzzle with Gaia Nick Chornay 30 September 2020
TBC Speaker to be confirmed 23 September 2020
TBC Speaker to be confirmed 16 September 2020