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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
The Cosmic Horseshoe: the rest-frame UV spectrum of a z~2 LBG Anna Quider (IoA) 10 June 2009
Making Massive Elliptical Galaxies in Two Phases Jeremiah Ostriker (Princeton) 20 May 2009
The origin of dwarf spheroidal galaxies. Elena D'Onghia (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA) 20 May 2009
Treading the dwarf-cluster divide: A curiously extended cluster in the M31 halo Michelle Collins 13 May 2009
z~2 hot-dust ULIRGs Caitlin Casey 13 May 2009
Observing gravitational waves from the first black holes Jonathan Gair (IoA) 6 May 2009
WorldWide Telescope at the Intersection of Science and Education Jonathan Fay (Microsoft, Redmond, USA) 24 April 2009
Re-assembling the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy Martin Niederste-Ostholt (IoA) 22 April 2009
B-mode Detection with an Extended Planck Mission George Efstathiou (IoA) 15 April 2009
Formation and Disruption of Star Clusters Mark Gieles (ESO) 15 April 2009
Exploring Outer Disk Star Formation with SPH Simulations Stephanie Bush (Harvard/IoA) 25 March 2009
Effect of three body stellar interactions on orbital parameters of binary radio pulsars in globular clusters Manjari Bagchi (TIFR) 25 March 2009
GRB central engines as magneticaly driven collapsar model Maxim Barkov (Leeds) 18 March 2009
Multiwavelength properties of gamma-ray loud binary systems Maria Chernyakova (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies) 18 March 2009
Finding SDSS Broad Absorption Line Quasars Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorisation James Allen (IoA) 11 March 2009
Brane inflation and the overshoot problem Simeon Bird (IoA) 11 March 2009
Observable properties of perturbed black holes Steve Drasco (AEI) 4 March 2009
VESPA, galaxies and the Universe Rita Tojeiro (Portsmouth) 25 February 2009
A discrepancy in stellar mass estimates? Stephen Wilkins (IoA) 25 February 2009
Relativistic Magnetic Explosions Konstantinos Gourgouliatos (IoA) 18 February 2009
The Science of Space Weather Jonathan Eastwood (Berkeley) 11 February 2009
New Perspectives on the Bolometric Output of AGN Ranjan Vasudevan (IoA) 4 February 2009
Measuring Primordial non-Gaussianity from the CMB: The Role of the Clumpy Universe Devdeep Sarkar (UC Irvine) 28 January 2009
Early gas stripping as the origin of the darkest dwarf spheroidals Lucio Mayer (Institute for Theoretical Physics, U. Zurich) 28 January 2009
A global view of the Milky Way satellites Yang-Shyang Li (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute) 21 January 2009
Tidal disruption of globular clusters in dwarf galaxies with triaxial dark matter halos Jorge Penarrubia 14 January 2009
Title Speaker Date
The SDSS Quasar Survey Gordon Richards (Drexel) 17 December 2008
Galaxy formation in the first 2 billion years Dan Stark (IoA) 17 December 2008
Luminous and dark matter in galaxies: highlights from the SLACS lensing survey Tommaso Treu (UC Santa Barbara) 10 December 2008
Surprises from deep X-ray observations of Abell 2204 Jeremy Sanders (IoA) 10 December 2008