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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Delensing CMB B-modes: results from SPT. Alessandro Manzotti (Chicago) 11 January 2017
X-ray spectroscopy of the intracluster medium. - Hitomi meets the Perseus cluster - Takayuki Tamura (ISAS, JAXA) 11 January 2017
Valuable insights into the mass loss mechanism of AGB stars given by high spatial resolution techniques Iva Karovicova (Heidelberg) 4 January 2017
Correcting Gaia TGAS parallaxes with the help of the red clump and asteroseismology Guy Davies (Birmingham) 4 January 2017
Title Speaker Date
Shaken and stirred: turbulence and rotation in molecular cloud cores Benjamin Lewis (Exeter) 14 December 2016
LITTLE THINGS in 3D: robust determination of circular velocity of dwarf irregular galaxies Giuliano Ioro (Bologna) 14 December 2016
Cosmology via Massive Burst of Star Formation Ricardo Chavez 7 December 2016
Studying accretion onto black holes using QPO phase lags Jakob van der Eijnden (University of Amsterdam) 7 December 2016
Predictions for the 21 cm signal from the epoch of reionization Girish Kulkarni 30 November 2016
Observational constraints on the growth of solids in protoplanetary discs Marco Tazzari 30 November 2016
Powerful winds from hungry black holes Ciro Pinto 23 November 2016
Deepening questions on the path of carbon from disks to planets Mihkel Kama 23 November 2016
ALMA: HD 181327 and η Corvi debris discs, evidence of exocomets Sebastian Marino 16 November 2016
Crater 2: A cold giant orbiting the Milky Way Gabriel Torrealba 16 November 2016
Mismatches on the identification and classification of AGN Estelle Pons 9 November 2016
CMB lensing from within the Milky Way Rupert Allison 9 November 2016
NuSTAR Observations of V404 Cygni in Outburst: Reflection and Jets Dom Walton 26 October 2016
A hard X-ray view of the distant AGN population with NuSTAR George Lansbury 26 October 2016
Peeking into a neutron star Nathalie Degenaar 19 October 2016
The formation and dynamics of supermassive black hole Davide Fiacconi 19 October 2016
Effect of diffuse background in spatially-resolved star-formation studies Nimisha Kumari 12 October 2016
A dipole on the sky: hypervelocity stars from the Large Magellanic Cloud Douglas Boubert 12 October 2016
New quasar results from the Dark Energy Survey Richard McMahon (University of Cambridge) 5 October 2016
Finding Earth-like planets Amaury Triaud 5 October 2016
Streams of molecular gas in the cosmic web around a massive primeval galaxy Michele Ginolfi 28 September 2016
Gaia Data Release 1 - data quality & future releases Dafydd Wyn Evans 14 September 2016
Gaia Data Release 1 - content & science potential Nic Walton 14 September 2016
Time Evolution of Giant Molecular Cloud Mass Functions on Galactic Disks Masato Kobayashi (Nagoya University, Japan) 7 September 2016
The Milky Way - evidence for Seyfert activity in the recent past Joss Bland-Hawthorn (Sydney) 20 July 2016
A Westerbork blind HI survey of the Coma cluster: first results Thijs van der Hulst (Kapteyn Institute) 20 July 2016