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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Ultra-luminous X-ray pulsars and super-Eddington accretion Felix Fürst, ESAC 10 July 2019
On the evolution of the disk and corona in accreting black hole binaries Javier Garcia, Caltech 10 July 2019
Lessons from Apollo 50 Years Later John Lattanzio (Monash University) 19 June 2019
Prospects for CMB polarisation B-mode delensing with the Simons Observatory Anton Baleato 12 June 2019
Extending the fundamental metallicity relation to non star-forming galaxies Nimisha Kumari 12 June 2019
Real-Time Classification of Explosive Transients Using Deep Learning Daniel Muthukrishna 5 June 2019
Powerful Sound Waves from AGN Jets Christopher Bambic 5 June 2019
Getting rid of hydrogen in evolved massive stars Avishai Gilkis 29 May 2019
Final CMB lensing results from Planck Anthony Challinor 29 May 2019
Gaia wide binaries challenging a Newtonian prediction Xavier Hernández (IA, UNAM) 22 May 2019
Combining absorption and emission features in an investigation of quasar outflows Amy Rankine 22 May 2019
Modelling the mass-SFR relation at high redshift Emma Curtis Lake (KICC) 15 May 2019
Astrophotonics: The Next Wave in Astronomical Instrumentation Sylvain Veilleux (University of Maryland) 15 May 2019
Models of Diffuse Ionised Gas in star-forming galaxies Bert Vandenbroucke (University of St Andrews) 8 May 2019
The Impact of Photo-ionization Feedback on Massive Star Formation Nina Sartorio (University of St Andrews) 8 May 2019
Challenges from Galactic chemical evolution for galaxy evolution Gerry Gilmore 1 May 2019
30 years of Relativistic Reflection Andy Fabian 24 April 2019
Lyman Continuum Photons from z = 3 Galaxies Max Pettini 24 April 2019
Massively multiplexed spectroscopy for the coming decades: the science and status of the Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer Alan McConnachie (Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, Canada) 10 April 2019
Photometric Distances Near and Far in the Age of Gaia Josh Speagle (Harvard) 3 April 2019
Milky Way bar kinematics with VVV and Gaia Jason Sanders 13 March 2019
Heavy elements in red giant stars Amanda Karakas (Monash) 7 March 2019
AGN-driven outflows in simulated dwarf galaxies Sophie Koudmani 6 March 2019
Why do galaxies stop forming stars? Asa Bluck 6 March 2019
Sausage-Mania — more Mouth-watering Recipes Wyn Evans 20 February 2019
The Gaia Sausage - our Galaxy’s last major merger Vasily Belokurov 20 February 2019
Cosmic Harmonies: Travels in Musical Time and Space Tim Watts 13 February 2019
Celebrating Women in Astronomy and E&D update at the IoA Clare Worley, Richard McMahon, Ian Parry 13 February 2019
The race to find the first stars David Aguado 6 February 2019
Dynamic Characterization of Galaxies in the first 1.5Gyr of the Universe Gareth Jones 6 February 2019