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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
The role of AGN feedback in dwarf galaxies Sophie Koudmani (IoA) 24 November 2021
Investigating the composition of planets formed by Gravitational Instability Maggie Celeste Goulden (University of Cambridge) 24 November 2021
Unifying accretion and ejection in black hole X-ray binaries Greg Marcel 17 November 2021
The Eccentric Kozai Mechanism and its Application to Boyajian’s Star Steven Young 17 November 2021
First science results of the ExoGRAVITY Large Program Mathias Nowak 10 November 2021
Using polluted white dwarfs to understand the bulk composition of exo-planetary material Laura Rogers 10 November 2021
Chaos and the Anisotropy of Cosmic Rays Vanessa López-Barquero 3 November 2021
Studying the magnetic evolution of black hole accretion disks Payton Rodman (University of Cambridge) 3 November 2021
Studying the magnetic evolution of black hole accretion disks Payton Rodman (University of Cambridge) 29 October 2021
Life after death: evidence of dry minor-merger driven growth of massive quiescent galaxies Francesco D'Eugenio 27 October 2021
Spectroscopic studies of star-forming galaxies in the Epoch of Reionisation Joris Witstok 27 October 2021
The unquiet neighbour: how the LMC bugs the Milky Way Eugene Vasiliev (IoA) 20 October 2021
Connecting X-ray nuclear winds with galaxy-scale ionised outflows in nearby and z~1.5 quasars Giulia Tozzi 20 October 2021
Through the Amber Spyglass: searching for Axion-like signals in X-ray spectra of cluster-hosted AGN James Matthews (IoA) 13 October 2021
The changing astrometry of Gaia's unresolved binaries Zephyr Penoyre 6 October 2021
Cosmology with Type Ia supernovae: A view from ZTF Suhail Dhawan 8 September 2021
Fast and Furious? - Debris Discs in the beta Pic Moving Group Nicole Pawellek 1 September 2021
Results of the IoA’s Annual EDI, Wellbeing & Culture Survey 2020 Clare Worley & Mark Wyatt 16 June 2021
Characterising the Atmospheres of Low-Mass Exoplanets with JWST Savvas Constantinou 16 June 2021
The Invention of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Craig Mackay 9 June 2021
The fascinating cluster merger Abell 2146 Annabelle Richard-Laferrière 2 June 2021
X-ray feedback from Population III binaries Nina Sartorio 19 May 2021
Cosmological Results from Planck PR4 (NPIPE) with CamSpec Erik Rosenberg 19 May 2021
Constraining the dynamical stirring of exoKuiper belts Sebastian Marino 12 May 2021
Exploring Supermassive Black Holes and their Host Galaxies Magnified by Cosmic Lenses Aoife Simpson 12 May 2021
The kinematics and dark matter fractions of TNG50 galaxies at z=2 from an observational perspective Hannah Ubler 5 May 2021
Model-independent Reionization constraints with Fast Radio Bursts Stefan Heimersh 5 May 2021
The inner regions of protoplanetary discs. Marija Jankovic 28 April 2021
Central galaxy quenching: a consistent look across simulations and observations Joanna Piotrowska 17 March 2021
Constraining the size of White Dwarf pollutants Andy Buchan 17 March 2021