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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Convicting Galaxies for (Re)Ionization: beyond a reasonable doubt? Stefano Cristiani (INAF, Trieste) 26 October 2011
X-ray surface brightness fluctuations and turbulence in galaxy clusters Jeremy Sanders, IoA 19 October 2011
The forgotten population of star-powered LINERs Natalia Vale Asari 19 October 2011
Faint Lyman alpha emitters at redshift ~3 Michael Rauch (Carnegie) 12 October 2011
The Origin of the Strongest Magnetic Fields in White Dwarfs Chris Tout (IoA) 12 October 2011
The Distributions of Local Group Satellites Mike Irwin (IoA) 5 October 2011
The formation of ultrawide binaries: a diagnostic of dissolving star clusters Cathie Clarke (IoA) 5 October 2011
Resonant Shattering of Neutron Stars, sGRB Precursors, and Neutron Star EOS Constraints Dave Tsang (Caltech) 28 September 2011
The formation of large galactic disks: survival or revival? Francois Hammer (GEPI, Observatoire de Paris) 28 September 2011
Early results from CLASH: The Cluster Lensing And Supernova survey with Hubble, a Multi-Cycle Treasury Project Dan Coe (Stsci, Baltimore) 21 September 2011
Type Ia Supernovae Mario Livio (STScI) 21 September 2011
Revealing the Interior Structure of Transiting Exoplanets Jonathan Fortney (UCO/Lick) 7 September 2011
Feedback regulated star formation: from star clusters to galaxies Sami Dib (Imperial College) 7 September 2011
Environment and the formation of K+A galaxies Trevor Mendel (University of Victoria) 3 August 2011
X-ray Warm Absorption and Emission in the Polar Scattered Seyfert 1 Galaxy Mrk 704 (EXTRA SEMINAR) Sibasish Laha (IUCAA) 25 July 2011
Who Turned on the Lights? Statistics and Kinematics of Lyman-alpha Blobs Ann Zabludoff, University of Arizona 29 June 2011
The relationship between AGN activity and the stellar masses and colors of their host galaxies James Aird (UCSD) 22 June 2011
Turn up the gas: how to heat cold dark matter Andrew Pontzen (IoA) 15 June 2011
Runaway stars & supernova kicks John Eldridge (IoA) 15 June 2011
ALMA: Science Opportunities in Cycle 0 John Richer (ALMA UK Project Scientist/Cavendish Astrophysics) 8 June 2011
Diffraction limited imaging in the visible on large ground-based telescopes Craig Mackay (IoA) 8 June 2011
Dwarf spheroidal galaxies as tests of CDM Jorge Penarrubia (IoA) 1 June 2011
Massive galaxies at high redshift: Rare or impossible? Martin Stringer (Durham) 1 June 2011
A Sensitive Test of Growth of Structure Yin-Zhe Ma (IoA) 18 May 2011
Momentum Driving in AGN and Galactic Feedback Jeremiah Ostriker (Princeton) 18 May 2011
How neutral is the Intergalactic Medium at z~7 Martin Haehnelt (IoA) 4 May 2011
The discovery of a z=7.1 quasar Richard McMahon (IoA) 4 May 2011
Slowing down atomic diffusion in subdwarf B stars: mass-loss or turbulence? Haili Hu (IoA) 27 April 2011
Brightest cluster galaxies and the impact of dry mergers on the core-cusp problem Chervin Laporte (MPA, Garching) 20 April 2011
The evolution of the stellar mass function of star clusters Henny Lamers (Utrecht University) 23 March 2011