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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Classifying and Parametrising Gaia Transients Nadia Blagorodnova (IoA) 20 February 2013
Planet-disc interactions and the diversity of orbital period ratios in Kepler's multi-planetary systems Clément Baruteau (DAMTP) 13 February 2013
The motion of spinning test particles Robert Cole (IoA) 13 February 2013
Galactic morphology and evolution through X-ray spectroscopy of the (diffuse) interstellar medium Ciro Pinto (SRON -> IoA) 6 February 2013
Debris disks and planets, and vice versa Grant Kennedy (IoA) 6 February 2013
The AOLI project - Adaptive Optics and Lucky Imaging on the William Herschel Telescope David King (IoA) 30 January 2013
High sensitivity wavefront sensing for the AOLI Project Jonathan Crass (IoA) 30 January 2013
Lapses of light and thought Melanie Challenger (Artist Associate Programme) 23 January 2013
The N158-N159-N160 LMC star forming complex observed with Spitzer, Herschel and LABOCA Maud Galametz (IoA) 23 January 2013
Constraints on protoplanetary disk turbulence from radiative transfer models Gijs D. Mulders (University of Amsterdam) 16 January 2013
A 10,000 star spectroscopic survey of the Thick Disk-Halo Interface Apoorva Jayaraman (IoA) 16 January 2013
Title Speaker Date
Spatially resolved dust properties in CALIFA galaxies Natalia Vale Asari (IoA) 12 December 2012
Radioactivity in the early Solar System and the birth environment of the Sun Maria Lugaro (Monash) 12 December 2012
The AMBRE Project: Galactic Archaeology with the ESO archive Clare Worley (Nice -> IoA) 5 December 2012
Resolved star forming region populations in nearby galaxies Maciej Hermanowicz (IoA) 5 December 2012
The origins of stellar clustering Diederik Kruijssen (MPA Garching) 28 November 2012
Fingerprints of Intermediate Mass Black Holes in Star Clusters: mass segregation and energy equipartition Michele Trenti (IoA) 28 November 2012
Sculptor, Fornax, and Their Dark Matter Cores Adriano Agnello (IoA) 21 November 2012
The Orbital Inclinations of Binary Millisecond Pulsars Sarah Smedley (IoA) 21 November 2012
The Formation and Evolution of Cluster Centrals in LCDM from z=2 to z=0 Chervin Laporte (MPA, Garching) 14 November 2012
The Periodic Spectroscopic Variability of FU Orionis Stacie Powell (IoA) 14 November 2012
Herschel-ATLAS: Characteristics of dusty passive galaxies Ali Dariush, IoA Cambridge 7 November 2012
Revealing the innermost regions of AGN with X-ray reverberation lags Erin Kara, IoA Cambridge 7 November 2012
Near-pristine gas at intermediate redshifts: a window on early nucleosynthesis Max Pettini (IoA) 31 October 2012
The outreach programme at IoA Carolin Crawford (IoA) 31 October 2012
Testing General Relativity with 21 cm Intensity Mapping Alex Hall (IoA) 24 October 2012
Star formation at local galactic scales Monica Relano-Pastor, Universidad de Granada 24 October 2012
Exploring the outskirts of galaxy clusters with Suzaku Stephen Walker (IoA) 17 October 2012
Searching for the 'true' chemical abundances in star-forming galaxies Bethan James (STScI -> IoA) 17 October 2012
Archaeology of Exo-Terrestrial Planetary Systems and the Identification of H20 in Exo-Asteroids Jay Farihi, Universtiy of Leicester 10 October 2012