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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Cosmology with Photometrically-Classified Type Ia Supernovae Heather Campbell (Portsmouth -> IoA) 31 July 2013
The Dust Temperature Distribution in Nearby Galaxies Ben Johnson (IAP) 31 July 2013
The star formation history of the Carina dwarf spheroidal galaxy Thomas de Boer (Kapteyn -> IoA) 24 July 2013
QPOs and Diskoseismology Confront Black Hole Spin Bob Wagoner (Stanford) 24 July 2013
Some things you may not have heard from Planck Douglas Scott (UBC) 17 July 2013
The AstraLux survey of planet host multiplicity Carolina Bergfors (MPIA -> IoA) 17 July 2013
Integral field spectroscopy of Orion protoplanetary discs: metallicity and other properties Yiannis Tsamis 26 June 2013
The Largest Catalog of 3-D Parameters of Disc Galaxies Stefan Kautsch (NSU) 26 June 2013
The stellar IMF and the earliest phase of the assembly of the Milky Way Pavel Kroupa (Bonn) 20 June 2013
The most distant gravitational lens? Rob Barone-Nugent (Melbourne) 19 June 2013
The unprecedented 2012 outburst of Supernova 2009ip Jon Mauerhan (Arizona) 19 June 2013
New evidence for an ancient merger event in the Milky Way: the Hercules Aquila Cloud Iulia Simion (IoA) 12 June 2013
Project 1640: Conducting Comparative Planetary Science Ben Oppenheimer (AMNH) 12 June 2013
On Tour with WHAM: Surveying the Galactic Interstellar Ecosystem Greg Madsen (Sydney -> IoA) 5 June 2013
Are globular cluster sizes standard rulers? Poul Alexander (IoA) 5 June 2013
Using [CI] to Probe the Interstellar Medium in z~2.5 Submillimeter Galaxies Susie Alaghband-Zadeh (IoA) 29 May 2013
Probabilistic fragmentation of self-gravitating accretion discs Matt Young (IoA) 29 May 2013
Thick and thin disk kinematics with RAVE and the solar motion Stefano Pasetto (UCL) 22 May 2013
The Two Cosmological Lithium Problems Karin Lind (MPA -> IoA) 22 May 2013
Merging Galactic, Stellar, and Planetary Dynamics Dimitri Veras (IoA) 15 May 2013
The environment around high redshift quasars Tiago Costa (IoA) 15 May 2013
Fast follow-up using accelerated likelihood evaluation Jonathan Gair (IoA) 8 May 2013
The Planck Likelihood Steven Gratton (IoA/KICC) 8 May 2013
The cause of star-formation quenching in group and cluster galaxies Yannick Bahe (IoA) 1 May 2013
Investigation of main-sequence turn-off ages in the Gaia-ESO survey Anna Hourihane (IoA) 1 May 2013
Data processing and science products at CASU CASU Folks 24 April 2013
High Field Magnetic White Dwarfs Simulated in the Laboratory Paul Murdin (IoA) 17 April 2013
Lorentz boosting of Planck's CMB maps: Eppur si muove Anthony Challinor (IoA) 17 April 2013
The Origin of Exozodiacal Dust Amy Bonsor (IPAG, Grenoble) 10 April 2013
Structure of the inner Milky Way through its red population Carlos Gonzalez (Alicante -> IoA) 10 April 2013