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Title Speaker Date
Characterising high-z star forming galaxies revealed by ALMA Rebecca Williams (Cavendish) 29 January 2014
Probing cosmic motion: new technique with kinetic SZ effect Daisy Mak (IoA/KICC) 29 January 2014
High-Efficiency Lucky Imaging Craig Mackay (IoA) 22 January 2014
Simulating reionisation: from cosmological scales to the past reionisation of galaxies observed today Jonathan Chardin (Strasbourg -> IoA) 22 January 2014
The IoA in 2014 Andy Fabian (IoA) 15 January 2014
Title Speaker Date
Carbon-rich metal-poor stars: witnesses of the first stars Thomas Masseron (Uni Bruxelles -> IoA) 11 December 2013
Empirical galaxy formation models - Constraints and Predictions Ben Moster (MPA -> IoA) 11 December 2013
The Precession of the Sagittarius Stream: Modelling Simon Gibbons (IoA) 4 December 2013
The Precession of the Sagittarius Stream: Observations Vasily Belokurov (IoA) 4 December 2013
Warp propagation in circumbinary discs: a planetary application Stefano Facchini (IoA) 27 November 2013
A Random Walk Through Accreting Black Holes William Alston (Leicester -> IoA) 27 November 2013
The Age of the Milky Way Halo Stars Paula Jofre Pfeil (Obs Bordeaux -> IoA) 20 November 2013
Are TeV blazars heating the IGM? Ewald Puchwein (HITS Heidelberg -> IoA) 20 November 2013
Using stellar streams to probe the galactic potential Adam Bowden (IoA) 13 November 2013
Looking for the missing iron in the core of the Centaurus cluster Electra Panagoulia (IoA) 13 November 2013
Getting stellar parameters and abundances from imperfect spectra Maria Bergemann (MPA -> IoA) 6 November 2013
Investigating the Physics and Environment of Lyman Limit Systems in Cosmological Simulations Denis Erkal (Uni Chicago -> IoA) 6 November 2013
The Reflection Spectrum of Mrk 335: Probing the Event Horizon with NuSTAR Michael Parker (IoA) 30 October 2013
How massive stars die - linking core-collapse supernovae to their progenitors Morgan Fraser (Queens University Belfast -> IoA) 30 October 2013
Measuring star formation in galaxies Médéric Boquien (Marseille -> IoA) 23 October 2013
ALMA observation of [CII] line and dust continuum of *a z~7 star forming galaxy in the epoch of reionization Kazuaki Ota (Kavli) 23 October 2013
Don't waste time searching for irrelevant information - discover Sparrho: a bird's eye view on science Andrea Cabrero (Sparrho) 16 October 2013
The structure of ionized bubbles Thomas Haworth (Exeter -> IoA) 16 October 2013
Characterizing exoplanets from space: the search for cosmic life Brice-Olivier Demory (MIT) 9 October 2013
Dynamical structures from planet formation in the beta Pictoris debris disk Mark Wyatt (IoA) 9 October 2013
Cosmology with Photometrically-Classified Type Ia Supernovae Heather Campbell (Portsmouth -> IoA) 31 July 2013
The Dust Temperature Distribution in Nearby Galaxies Ben Johnson (IAP) 31 July 2013
The star formation history of the Carina dwarf spheroidal galaxy Thomas de Boer (Kapteyn -> IoA) 24 July 2013
QPOs and Diskoseismology Confront Black Hole Spin Bob Wagoner (Stanford) 24 July 2013
Some things you may not have heard from Planck Douglas Scott (UBC) 17 July 2013