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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
The Formation and Evolution of Cluster Centrals in LCDM from z=2 to z=0 Chervin Laporte (MPA, Garching) 14 November 2012
The Periodic Spectroscopic Variability of FU Orionis Stacie Powell (IoA) 14 November 2012
Herschel-ATLAS: Characteristics of dusty passive galaxies Ali Dariush, IoA Cambridge 7 November 2012
Revealing the innermost regions of AGN with X-ray reverberation lags Erin Kara, IoA Cambridge 7 November 2012
Near-pristine gas at intermediate redshifts: a window on early nucleosynthesis Max Pettini (IoA) 31 October 2012
The outreach programme at IoA Carolin Crawford (IoA) 31 October 2012
Testing General Relativity with 21 cm Intensity Mapping Alex Hall (IoA) 24 October 2012
Star formation at local galactic scales Monica Relano-Pastor, Universidad de Granada 24 October 2012
Exploring the outskirts of galaxy clusters with Suzaku Stephen Walker (IoA) 17 October 2012
Searching for the 'true' chemical abundances in star-forming galaxies Bethan James (STScI -> IoA) 17 October 2012
Archaeology of Exo-Terrestrial Planetary Systems and the Identification of H20 in Exo-Asteroids Jay Farihi, Universtiy of Leicester 10 October 2012
Substructure in the M31 halo and satellite system Mike Irwin (IoA) 3 October 2012
Red Supergiants: how cool are the coolest massive stars? Ben Davies (IoA -> LJMU) 3 October 2012
Dust Reddened Broad Line Quasars at z=2: Starbursts Transitioning to UV-Luminous AGN? Manda Banerji (IoA -> UCL) 26 September 2012
A cloud of gas falling towards the central black hole in the Milky Way Jordi Miralda-Escude 26 September 2012
Type Ia supernovae: Explosions and Progenitors Wolfgang Kerzendorf (U. Toronto) 19 September 2012
First science with SAMI: a serendipitous discovery of a galactic wind James Allen (Sydney) 19 September 2012
Self-consistent models of quasi-relaxed rotating stellar systems Anna-Lisa Varri (Milan) 29 August 2012
Using gravitational lensing flexions to constrain dark matter halo shapes and profiles Shude Mao (Manchester & NAOC) 8 August 2012
Made-to-measure galaxy models - Modelling with Milky Way observations Richard Long (Manchester & NAOC) 1 August 2012
A Lack of Dark Matter in the Solar Neighbourhood? Martin Smith (KIAA) 1 August 2012
LOFAR: Recent progress and first results John McKean 25 July 2012
Testing LCDM with Substructure Lensing Simona Vegetti 25 July 2012
Velocity measurements of the X-ray coolest gas in galaxy clusters Jeremy Sanders (IoA) 18 July 2012
The Regulation of Black Hole Winds and Jets Across the Mass Scale Ashley King (Michigan) 4 July 2012
The most massive black holes in Brightest Cluster Galaxies Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo (IoA) 4 July 2012
CMB Lensing Measurements with ACT and ACTPol Blake Sherwin (Princeton) 27 June 2012
AU-scale structure of a protoplanetary disc, and challenges in detecting it Olja Panic (IoA) 13 June 2012
Herschel images of 61 Vir: the prevalence of debris in low-mass planet systems Mark Wyatt (IoA) 13 June 2012
Growth of Planetesimal Belts Andrew Shannon (IoA) 6 June 2012