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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Internal dynamics of globular clusters Laura Watkins (STScI) 9 July 2014
New chemo-dynamical properties of dwarf spheroidal galaxies in the Milky Way and Andromeda Kohei Hayashi (Tohoku University Astronomical Institute) 9 July 2014
The evolution of early-type galaxies: a strong lensing perspective Alessandro Sonnenfeld (UCSB) 18 June 2014
Exploring M33 across spatial scales using multiwavelength data Nimisha Kumari (University of Paris) 18 June 2014
Probing early-universe phase transitions with the CMB blackbody spectrum Mustafa Amin (IoA/KICC) 11 June 2014
X-ray observations of the outskirts of galaxy clusters Stephen Walker (IoA) 11 June 2014
Relativistic effects in large-scale structure Camille Bonvin (IoA/KICC/DAMTP) 4 June 2014
RR Lyrae as probes of structure in the southern galactic halo Gabriel Torrealba (IoA) 4 June 2014
Tidal Disruptions By Stellar-Mass Black Holes Sverre Aarseth (IoA) 28 May 2014
Measuring AGN spin through Doppler Tomography Matt Middleton (IoA) 28 May 2014
Standard Clock in Primordial Density Perturbations and Cosmic Microwave Background Xingang Chen (UT Dallas) 21 May 2014
Balancing mass and momentum in the Local Group JD Diaz (IoA) 21 May 2014
Strong lensing tomography: Cosmological constraints from the double source plane lens SDSSJ0946+1006 Tom Collett (IoA) 14 May 2014
Is the composition of the Earth skin deep? Amy Bonsor, Bristol University 14 May 2014
In Search (Always) of a Better Star Formation Measure for Galaxies Rob Kennicutt (IoA) 7 May 2014
Peering inside galaxies: insights from large Integral Field Spectroscopy surveys of the nearby Universe Francesco Belfiore (Cavendish) 7 May 2014
Touching The Void: A Striking Drop in Stellar Halo Density Beyond 50 kpc Vasily Belokurov 30 April 2014
A substellar safari with Pan-STARRS1 Niall Deacon 30 April 2014
Masquerading Dwarfs -- Possible Evidence for Metal Accretion onto Metal-Poor Main-Sequence Stars Kohei Hattori 22 April 2014
BICEP2: Implications for inflation and Planck Anthony Challinor and George Efstathiou 19 March 2014
What and where is the parent of the Orphan stream? Andy Casey (ANU -> IoA) 5 March 2014
Star formation-driven feedback in the local Universe Claudia Cicone (Cavendish) 5 March 2014
Molecular gas and AGN feedback in brightest cluster galaxies Helen Russell (Durham -> IoA) 26 February 2014
Single Stellar Populations in the Near-Infrared range Sofia Meneses-Goytia (Kapteyn) 26 February 2014
Dynamical evolution of eccentric planets and debris discs Tim Pearce (IoA) 19 February 2014
The three-point phase correlation as a new measure of non-linear clustering Richard Wolstenhulme (IoA) 19 February 2014
Measuring bumpy black holes Chris Moore (IoA) 12 February 2014
Resolving the flow around Black Holes: the impact of gas angular momentum Mike Curtis (IoA) 12 February 2014
A fundamental relation between the metallicity, gas content, and stellar mass of local galaxies Matt Bothwell (Cavendish/KICC) 5 February 2014
Probabilistic identification of brown dwarfs in infrared surveys Sergey Koposov (IoA) 5 February 2014