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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
A new method for age-dating the formation of bars in disc galaxies Camila de Sa Freitas (ESO) 9 November 2022
Dynamics of dust and gas in protoplanetary disks with massive embedded planets Hannah Petrovic (University of Cambridge) 9 November 2022
Automated Quality Control of Chest X-Ray Images Eduardo González Solares 2 November 2022
Propagating fluctuations in 2-dimensions: a new numerical model for stochastic accretion disc simulations Samuel Turner 2 November 2022
Putting brakes on star formation in central galaxies Joanna Piotrowska (University of Cambridge) 26 October 2022
Stellar Fireworks: A journey through the spirally dust plumes of Wolf-Rayet binaries Yinuo Han 26 October 2022
The Galactic strudel Eugene Vasiliev (IoA) 12 October 2022
Heavy Lifting: Leveraging Machine Learning to Measure the Masses of Supermassive Black Holes David Chemaly, Université de Montréal 12 October 2022
Preparing for JWST with HST/COS spectroscopy of Pox 186: a local analogue of z > 6 galaxies Nimisha Kumari 28 September 2022
Evidence of planet engulfment in post-main sequence stars Dr. Claudia Aguilera Gomez, ESO - Universidad Diego Portales (Chile) 10 June 2022
Robustness of Molecular Detections Using High-Resolution Transmission Spectroscopy Connor Cheverall 8 June 2022
The Awakening Beast in the Seyfert 1 Galaxy KUG 1141+371 Jiachen Jiang 8 June 2022
Reconstructed star-formation histories in MaNGA galaxies: Dependence on host galaxy properties and radial trends Tobias Looser 1 June 2022
The High-z Cosmic Web in Fuzzy Dark Matter Cosmologies Tibor Dome 18 May 2022
Orbital alignment and mass segregation in galactic nuclei via Vector Resonant Relaxation Nathan Magnan (University of Cambridge) 11 May 2022
The Main Sequence of star-forming galaxies Lester Sandles 4 May 2022
Detection of massive molecular and dust reservoirs around z~2 extremely red quasars: CGM enrichment by quasar-driven outflows Speaker to be confirmed 27 April 2022
A disturbing FABLE of mergers, feedback, turbulence, and mass biases in simulated galaxy clusters Speaker to be confirmed 27 April 2022
High-resolution Spectroscopy of Thermal Emission from Exoplanets Måns Holmberg 9 March 2022
Tightest constraints on very-light Axion-Like Particles (ALPs) using the X-ray spectrum of the H1821+643 cluster-hosted quasar Julia Sisk Reynes 9 March 2022
The chemistry of the last major merger David Aguado, Università degli Studi di Firenze 2 March 2022
Recovering the structure of edge-on debris disks non-parametrically Yinuo Han, University of Cambridge 2 March 2022
Do Supermassive Black Holes need Iron Supplements? Matthew Temple 16 February 2022
What dust sizes tell us about planet-forming disc evolution Francesco Zagaria (University of Cambridge) 16 February 2022
Torsion-squared gravity... and its multiplier extensions Will Barker, University of Cambridge 7 February 2022
Atmospheric Chemistry and Biochemistry of Venus and Venus-like Exoplanet Sean Jordan, University of Cambridge 7 February 2022
Evidence for Gaseous Halos Around AGN at Cosmic Noon from ALMA CO(3-2) Observations Gareth Jones (Cavendish Lab) 2 February 2022
A BayeSN Analysis of the SN Ia Trio of Siblings in NGC 3147 Sam Ward 2 February 2022
Rethinking about Data Processing in the SKA Era Celeste Lu 26 January 2022
The bispectrum of reconstructed CMB lensing convergence Aleksandr Bowkis (University of Cambridge) 26 January 2022