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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
What is the origin of exozodiacal dust? Jess Rigley 12 February 2020
Galactic winds: a statistical perspective. Alice Concas 12 February 2020
Bayesian deep learning to scale Galaxy Zoo Mike Walmsley (University of Oxford) 5 February 2020
Einstein's Universe: Cosmological structure formation in numerical relativity Hayley Macpherson 5 February 2020
oscode: fast solutions of oscillatory ODEs in cosmology Fruzsina Agocs 29 January 2020
Deciphering Thermal Emission Spectra of Exoplanets Anjali Piette 29 January 2020
Galactic archaeology in the Milky Way and beyond Sarah Martell (University of New South Wales) 22 January 2020
ELT/HIRES - an high-resolution spectrograph for the ELT Martin Haehnelt 22 January 2020
Starfruit: growing a musical universe Tim Watts 15 January 2020
Title Speaker Date
Postdoc Jamboree 2019 IoA Kavli & Battcock Postdocs 11 December 2019
Combining CMB and weak lensing: Cosmology with ACT and KiDS Naomi Robertson 4 December 2019
Challenges in interpreting transmission spectra of exoplanets Luis Welbanks 4 December 2019
The impact of photoionization on the statistics of turbulence Nina Sartorio 27 November 2019
Recent developments in neutrino cosmology Sunny Vagnozzi 27 November 2019
Recovering sky brightness with interferometry: A Fourier domain, Gaussian process approach Jeff Jennings 20 November 2019
Unraveling the nature of dark matter with intergalactic medium Vid Irsic 20 November 2019
Modelling exo-planet atmospheres using a chemical kinetics code Richard Hobbs 13 November 2019
Exploring the metal-poor inner Galaxy with the Pristine survey Anke Arentsen (AIP) 13 November 2019
The 1919 eclipse which verified General Relativity and its later detractors: what happened, which story is “correct”? Gerry Gilmore & Gudrun Tausch-Pebody 6 November 2019
Exploring the Link between Quasar Outflows and Hot Dust Emission Matthew Temple 6 November 2019
Tracing the origin of magnetic fields in galaxies Sergio Martin 30 October 2019
Dust Spreading in Debris Discs - Do Small Grains Cling on to Their Birth Environment? Nicole Pawellek 30 October 2019
Fingerprints of giant planets hidden among the solar twins Richard Booth 23 October 2019
Particle acceleration to the highest energies in radio galaxies James Matthews 23 October 2019
Cross-correlating optical and sub-millimeter surveys to probe cosmology and planetary science Eric Baxter 16 October 2019
The Spatially Resolved Properties of Galaxy Mergers from MaNGA Mallory Thorp 16 October 2019
Rocky Exoplanets, Geology and White Dwarfs Amy Bonsor 9 October 2019
What transients can teach us about common envelope evolution? Nadejda Blagorodnova 9 October 2019
Kinematics features of the Milky Way globular clusters Andres Piatti (Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentine) 25 September 2019
Detection of the warm-hot baryons in the Universe Yin-Zhe Ma ((University of KwaZulu-Natal) 25 September 2019