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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Supermassive Black Hole Dynamics and Feedback: Coevolution with Nuclear Star Clusters Pawel Biernacki 14 November 2018
The H2 gas mass in planet-forming discs - a massive problem Mihkel Kama 14 November 2018
Solo Dwarfs: Exploring Dwarf Galaxies near the Local Group Clare Higgs 7 November 2018
Ionised Gas Kinematics in Dust-Obscured Quasars at z>2 Matthew Temple 7 November 2018
Formation & Evolution of Close-in Exoplanets Hilke Schlichting 31 October 2018
Astrometric effects of a stochastic gravitational wave background Deyan Mihaylov 24 October 2018
Constraining Neutrino Mass with the Tomographic Weak Lensing Bispectrum William Coulton 24 October 2018
Journey to CyberSecurity World Eduardo Gonzalez-Solares 17 October 2018
Detecting relativistic effects in galaxies and cluster Hongsheng Zhao 17 October 2018
AGN feedback in galaxt clusters, and the physics of thermal conduction Chris Reynolds 10 October 2018
Radio Sky: Near and Far Anastasia Fialkov 10 October 2018
HOSTS: Solving the exozodi problem for exo-Earth imaging Mark Wyatt 3 October 2018
Clumpy Line Driven Winds Sergei Dyda 3 October 2018
Galaxy population synthesis modeling in the golden age of the Milky Way & Local Group research Stefano Pasetto, Carnegie 19 September 2018
Understanding wind-mode feedback in the X-ray brightest AGN Anna Ogorzalek (Stanford) 12 September 2018
Finding the water trail of the star and planet formation Daniel Harsono (Leiden) 29 August 2018
What Obscures AGN: Insights from Broadband X-ray Spectroscopy Mislav Balokovic (Harvard CfA) 4 July 2018
Spatially resolved star-formation histories and the connection to galaxy physical properties Kate Rowlands 27 June 2018
How to publish a paper in Nature Leslie Sage 27 June 2018
Mapping the Extreme Environments Around Black Holes Dan Wilkins (Stanford) 20 June 2018
Reverberation and Ultrafast Outflows in Tidal Disruption Events Erin Kara (Maryland) 20 June 2018
CMB delensing: sharpening our view of the infant Universe Anthony Challinor 13 June 2018
Binary Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton accretion Tom Comerford 13 June 2018
Studying the population of black holes in the Milky Way with microlensing Lukasz Wyrzykowski 6 June 2018
Axions and their astronomical imprints David Marsh 6 June 2018
Stellar structure and substructure of the Milky Way halo Gyuchul Myeong 30 May 2018
Clustering of Lya-emitters at 3<z<6 in MUSE-Wide Catrina Diener 30 May 2018
O/H-N/O: the curious case of NGC 4670 Nimisha Kumari 23 May 2018
On velocity dispersions of massive compact galaxies Luis Peralta de Arriba 23 May 2018
Hypervelocity discoveries with Gaia DR2 Douglas Boubert 16 May 2018