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Talks Archive - Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Cosmos and Canvas: Using Data Visualization to Explore and Communicate Your Science Jayanne English 31 May 2023
The ultradense, interacting environment of a dual AGN at z ∼ 3.3 revealed by JWST/NIRSpec IFS Michele Perna (CAB, Madrid) 17 May 2023
Orbital Torus Imaging: Using elemental abundances to map orbital structure and mass in the Galactic disc Daniel Horta Darrington (CCA, New York) 17 May 2023
Unifying accretion and ejection in black hole X-ray binaries Greg Marcel 10 May 2023
Strongly lensed supernovae: New cosmological and astrophysical probes in the time-domain era Suhail Dhawan 10 May 2023
Deciphering the Enigma of the Cosmic Ray Anisotropy Vanessa López-Barquero () 3 May 2023
Flat-sky angular power spectrum revisited Zucheng Gao 3 May 2023
The Advanced X-ray Imaging Satellite : High-resolution X-ray astronomy in the 2030s Prof. Christopher Reynolds (IoA) 26 April 2023
Probing reionization with radiative transfer simulations Shikhar Asthana (University of Cambridge) 26 April 2023
Simulating SMBHs: Jets in realistic cluster environments & SMBH binaries in gas rich circumbinary discs Martin Bourne 15 March 2023
Modelling the Internal Structures of Hycean Worlds Frances Rigby 15 March 2023
Carbonaceous dust grains within galaxies seen in the first billion years of cosmic time Joris Witstok 1 March 2023
3D models for the multiphase wind of M82 Yuxuan Yuan (University of Cambridge) 1 March 2023
JWST reveals galaxy mergers driving Lyman-alpha emission at z >7 Callum Witten 15 February 2023
One Model to Rule Them All: towards unifying magnetic braking in binary and single star systems Arnab Sarkar 8 February 2023
Combining delensing and foreground cleaning for the Simons Observatory Emilie Hertig 1 February 2023
Murdin Prize Ceremony -- Constraining Beyond the Standard Model Physics with X-ray telescopes: Tightest constraints on low-mass Axion Like Particles with Chandra observations of H1821+643 Julia Sisk Reynes 25 January 2023
Murdin Prize Ceremony -- Proposed energy-metabolisms cannot explain the atmospheric chemistry of Venus Sean Jordan ( University of Cambridge) 25 January 2023
Murdin Prize Ceremony -- Inward and outward migration of massive planets: moving towards a stalling radius Chiara Scardoni 25 January 2023
Uncovering the ancient central Milky Way with the Pristine Inner Galaxy Survey (PIGS) Anke Arentsen (University of Cambridge) 18 January 2023
The impact of a massive Sagittarius dSph on GD-1-like stellar streams Adam Dillamore 18 January 2023
Title Speaker Date
Where does the gas in exoKuiper belts come from? Sebastián Marino 23 November 2022
Quantifying the tumor vasculature environment using deep learning Dr Tristan Whitmarsh (University of Cambridge) 16 November 2022
The Nature of the Star Forming Main Sequence William Baker 16 November 2022
A new method for age-dating the formation of bars in disc galaxies Camila de Sa Freitas (ESO) 9 November 2022
Dynamics of dust and gas in protoplanetary disks with massive embedded planets Hannah Petrovic (University of Cambridge) 9 November 2022
Automated Quality Control of Chest X-Ray Images Eduardo González Solares 2 November 2022
Propagating fluctuations in 2-dimensions: a new numerical model for stochastic accretion disc simulations Samuel Turner 2 November 2022
Putting brakes on star formation in central galaxies Joanna Piotrowska (University of Cambridge) 26 October 2022
Stellar Fireworks: A journey through the spirally dust plumes of Wolf-Rayet binaries Yinuo Han 26 October 2022