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Talks Archive - Kavli Lectures

Title Date Speaker
CANCELLED - The Millimetre Sky from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope 28 January 2021 Jo Dunkley (Princeton University)
Title Date Speaker
Understanding Giant Planets 19 November 2020 Ravit Helled - University of Zurich
Evolutionary population synthesis models. 15 October 2020 Claudia Maraston - University of Portsmouth
Mergers, magnetars and multi-messengers 4 June 2020 Professor Stephen Smartt
Radiation-Dominated Black Hole Accretion Flows 30 January 2020 James Stone (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
Title Date Speaker
Clash of the Titans: galaxy collisions in the nearby universe 31 October 2019 Professor Sara Ellison: University of Victoria
The IllustrisTNG Project 24 October 2019 Professor Lars Hernquist: Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Characterizing Exoplanets' Atmospheres to Unveil Planetary Origins, Climate and Habitability 13 June 2019 Jean-Michel Desert (Amsterdam)
Galactic Winds and the Circumgalactic Medium 14 February 2019 Sylvain Veilleux (Maryland)