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Talks Archive - Galaxies Discussion

Title Date Speaker
The coupling between the core/cusp and missing satellite problems 26 October 2012 Sergey Koposov (University of Cambridge)
Blindly Measuring the Hubble Constant 19 October 2012 Matt Auger
The rapid demise of Lyman-alpha emitters at the tail end of the Epoch of Reionization 12 October 2012 Martin Haehnelt (IoA)
99% Invisible: Uncovering the dusty galaxies which lie beneath the confusion noise floor 5 October 2012 Marco Viero (JPL)
The Large-Scale Correlation of the Lya Forest and DLAs from BOSS 28 September 2012 Jordi Miralda-Escude
A Mixed Origin of the Milky Way's Thick Disk 14 September 2012 Glenn Van de Ven (Heidelberg)
The Dynamics of the Outer Parts of Omega Centauri 31 August 2012 Gary da Costa (ANU)
130 GeV lines from the Galactic center and subhalos: artifacts or WIMPs? 10 August 2012 Douglas Finkbeiner (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
The Gaseous Environments of High-z Star-Forming Galaxies 3 August 2012 Gwen Rudie (Caltech)
The Mass Distribution of the Fornax dSph: Constraints from its Globular Cluster Distribution 29 June 2012 David Cole
Damped Lyman-alpha (DLA) Absorption Systems and their Fundamental Plane 8 June 2012 Marcel Neeleman (UCSD)
Dust in Galaxies as Revealed by 1 and 2D Spectroscopy 1 June 2012 Natalia Vale Asari (IoA)
3D Extinction Mapping Using Hierarchical Bayesian Models 25 May 2012 Stuart Sale (Oxford)
Early-type galaxies: the last 12 billion years 18 May 2012 Sugata Kaviraj (Imperial)
Dark Matter in Dwarf Spheroidals and Elliptical Galaxy Lenses 11 May 2012 Adriano Agnello (IoA)
Astrometry Lost and Regained 4 May 2012 Erik Hoeg (Copenhagen)
Towards Observational Isochrones 27 April 2012 Floor van Leeuwen
Starbursts in Dwarf Galaxies 30 March 2012 Kristy McQuinn (University of Minnesota)
Stellar Astrophysics with Hermes and Skymapper 23 March 2012 Stefan Keller (ANU)
Weighing Galaxies: Inference from New Lenses and Cosmological Simulations 9 March 2012 Phil Marshall (Oxford)
Strangulation in GIMIC Cluster Galaxies 2 March 2012 Yannick Bahe ( IoA)
IFU Observations of high redshift Ultraluminous Infra-red Galaxies 24 February 2012 Susie Alaghband-Zadeh (IoA)
Breaking the Mass-Anisotropy Degeneracy in the Milky Way Halo 17 February 2012 Alis Deason (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge)
Modelling the Tidal Interaction of the Magellanic Clouds 10 February 2012 Jonathan Diaz (IoA)
H-alpha/FUV Ratios in Resolved Star Forming Region Populations 3 February 2012 Maciej Hermanowicz (University of Cambridge)
Automated Stellar Spectra Parametrisation for Galactic Archaelogy 27 January 2012 George Kordopatis
The Star Formation & Chemical Evolution Timescales of Two Nearby Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies 20 January 2012 Thomas de Boer (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute)
Title Date Speaker
Studying Stellar Streams: Properties and proper motion of the Saggitarius stream and velocity dispersion of the Orphan stream 25 November 2011 Sergey Koposov (University of Cambridge)
The Link Between Accretion Luminosity and Star Formation in QSO Host Galaxies 18 November 2011 Dave Bonfield (Hertfordshire)
Mapping the Dust Properties in Nearby Galaxies: What's new under the eye of Herschel 11 November 2011 Maud Galametz (IoA)