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Talks Archive - Galaxies Discussion

Title Date Speaker
Galactic Structure and Dynamics: Disc and Halo 13 December 2013 Ralph Schoenrich (Oxford)
Milky Way satellites in Cold and Warm dark matter 6 December 2013 Massimo Ricotti (U Maryland)
H_0 revisited 29 November 2013 George Efstathiou (KICC)
GRB host galaxies to explore galaxy formation and evolution, from the local universe to very high redshift 22 November 2013 Sandra Savaglio (MPE Garching)
The alignment of the spin of galaxies with their large-scale environment 15 November 2013 Christophe Pichon (IAP Paris)
Probing the metallicity and ionization state of the circumgalactic medium at z~6 and beyond 8 November 2013 Laura Keating and George Becker (IoA)
Dark matter cores in the Fornax and Sculptor dwarf galaxies: joining halo assembly and detailed star formation histories 1 November 2013 Thomas de Boer (IoA)
Size evolution, quenching and morphological transformation 25 October 2013 Marcella Carollo (ETH Zurich)
More from galaxies on a moving mesh 18 October 2013 Debora Sijacki (IoA)
Warm dark matter as a solution to the small scale crisis: New constraints from high redshift Lyman-α forest data 11 October 2013 Martin Haehnelt (IoA)
Fossil imprint of a powerful flare at the Galactic Centre along the Magellanic Stream 4 October 2013 Greg Madsen (IoA)
Mass-Loss Rates in Galactic Outflows 27 September 2013 Crystal Martin (UC Santa Barbara)
Modelling the 21 cm signal during the epoch of reionization 20 September 2013 Tirth Choudhury (NCRA Pune)
The Brightest of Reionizing Galaxies survey: luminosity function at z~8 and spectroscopic follow-up 13 September 2013 Kasper Schmidt (UC Santa Barbara)
Observing Star-Forming Galaxies in the Heart of the Reionization Era 9 August 2013 Richard Ellis (Caltech)
Observing the formation of individual galactic halos at z~3 2 August 2013 Michael Rauch (Carnegie Observatories Pasadena)
What's Wrong with Dwarf Galaxies? 26 July 2013 Piero Madau (UC Santa Cruz)
Revealing the properties of the interstellar medium of nearby galaxies from near-IR to submm observations 19 July 2013 Maud Galametz (IoA)
The evolution of the dust and gas content of galaxies 5 July 2013 Roberto Maiolino (Cavendish)
The dark matter crisis: problems with the current standard model of cosmology and steps towards an improved model 21 June 2013 Pavel Kroupa (Bonn)
Revealing (negative) AGN feedback through broad wings of CO emission lines 14 June 2013 Claudia Cicone (Cavendish)
Strong Lensing as a Cosmological Probe: Obstacles and Solutions 7 June 2013 Thomas Collett (IoA)
Forming massive seed black holes by direct collapse 31 May 2013 John Regan (IoA)
Simulations of damped Lyman-alpha systems 24 May 2013 Simeon Bird (Princeton)
Cold dark matter: cusps and cores 17 May 2013 Andrew Pontzen (Oxford)
Cancelled -- A fundamental relation between the metallicity, gas content, and stellar mass of local galaxiesCancelled -- Cancelled 10 May 2013 Matthew Bothwell (Cavendish)
Nearby Galaxies as Revealed by the Herschel Space Observatory 19 April 2013 Rob Kennicutt (IoA)
First cosmology results from Planck 22 March 2013 George Efstathiou, Anthony Challinor and Paul Shellard
JWST and MOONS: the future of multi-object NIR spectroscopy 15 March 2013 Roberto Maiolino (Cavendish)
The Lyman break analogue Haro 11: spatially resolved chemodynamics with VLT FLAMES 8 March 2013 Bethan James (IoA)