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Talks Archive - Galaxies Discussion

Title Date Speaker
The edge of galaxy formation 24 October 2014 Justin Read (Surrey)
No talk scheduled (no room) 17 October 2014 -
The MESSIER satellite: unveiling galaxy formation 10 October 2014 David Valls-Gabaud (Paris)
Talk cancelled 26 September 2014 Speaker not available
The Local Group as a cosmological probe: dwarf galaxies, stellar streams, and stellar halos 5 September 2014 Nicolas Martin (Strasbourg)
Empirical Models of Galaxy Formation - Constraints and Predictions 29 August 2014 Ben Moster
Substructure in Andromeda's outer halo: the view from PAndAS 22 August 2014 Nick Bate (U Sydney)
AGN feedback in a multi-phase medium 25 July 2014 Sergei Nayashkin (Leicester)
New Constraints on the IGM Neutral Fraction at z=6-7 11 July 2014 George Becker (KICC)
Using IFU data to disentangle the starburst-AGN connection 4 July 2014 Rebecca Davies
Possible Variation of Fundamental Constants: the impact of recently uncovered systematic errors 20 June 2014 Jonathan Whitmore (Swinburne)
Using DLAs to study the physical conditions of gas in high redshift galaxies 13 June 2014 Marcel Neeleman (UC San Diego)
Feedback from Active Galactic Nuclei: Energy- versus momentum-driven outflows 30 May 2014 Tiago Costa (IoA)
XXI century reverberation mapping: inferring black hole mass, geometry and dynamics of the broad line region in active galaxies 23 May 2014 Anna Pancoast (UCSB)
M87 and its globular cluster system 16 May 2014 Adriano Agnello
Canis Major overdensity and Monoceros ring explained in terms of pure Milky Way structure 9 May 2014 Martin Lopez Corredoira
Exploring the edge of the Universe with ALMA 2 May 2014 Roberto Maiolino (Cavendish)
The strangeness of Andromeda II 25 April 2014 Wyn Evans (IoA)
The European ELT project 11 April 2014 Isobel Hook (Oxford and INAF-Rome)
The role of gas flows in regulating star-formation 4 April 2014 Nicolas Bouche (Toulouse)
ATLAS lifts the Cup: Discovery of a New Milky Way satellite in Crater 28 March 2014 Vasily Belokurov and Sergey Koposov (IoA)
News from RAVE 14 March 2014 Georges Kordopatis (IoA)
The evolution of the structure of galaxies 7 March 2014 Matt Auger (IoA)
Where do galaxies end? 28 February 2014 Mike Shull (IoA and U Colorado Boulder)
The gas content of AGN host galaxies 21 February 2014 Fabio Vito (Bologna)
First Dark Matter Search Results from the Large Underground Xenon Detector 14 February 2014 Richard Gaitskell (Brown University)
How galaxies acquire their mass and angular momentum at high redshift 31 January 2014 Julien Devriendt (Oxford)
Measuring adiabatic contraction in SINGS galaxies 24 January 2014 Harley Katz (IoA)
The galaxy mass-metallicity relation and the implied metallicity of the IGM 17 January 2014 Yingjie Peng (Cavendish)
Probing the intergalactic medium and dark matter with the Lyman-alpha forest 10 January 2014 George Becker (KICC)