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Talks Archive - Galaxies Discussion

Title Date Speaker
The interstellar dust characteristics in nearby galaxies 8 May 2015 Ilse de Looze (Ghent and IoA)
Resolving AGN in the SAMI Galaxy Survey 1 May 2015 James Allen (U Sidney)
From the IGM to galaxy clusters: Recent progress in the hydrodynamical modelling of cosmic structures 24 April 2015 Ewald Puchwein (IoA)
Outflows from starburst and AGN 27 March 2015 Sara Cazzoli & Stefano Carniani (Cavendish)
Discovery of a large number of Ultra Faint satellites in the vicinity of the Magellanic Clouds 20 March 2015 Sergey Koposov (University of Cambridge)
A Hubble diagram for quasars 13 March 2015 Guido Risaliti (Arcetri)
A clean sweep for dust in Nearby Galaxies with Herschel 6 March 2015 Matthew Smith (Cardiff)
Mapping the z>2 Cosmic Web Using the 3D Ly-a Forest 27 February 2015 Khee-Gan Lee (MPIA Heidelberg)
A close look at fast cold gas in the halo of a z > 6 QSO 13 February 2015 Claudia Cicone & Tiago Costa (Cavendish&IoA)
Uncovering Blue Diffuse Dwarf Galaxies 6 February 2015 Bethan James (IoA)
Self-Gravity, Resonances & Orbital diffusion in stellar discs 30 January 2015 Jean-Baptiste Fouvry (IAP)
AGN -- Host Galaxy Relations and their Evolution 23 January 2015 Matt Auger (IoA)
Title Date Speaker
UKIRT, NASA, and Lockheed Martin: The Missing Satellite Orbital Debris Problem 5 December 2014 Greg Madsen
Connecting star formation to galactic dynamics 28 November 2014 Florent Renaud (U Surrey)
Wide-field substructures in the Local Group 21 November 2014 Brendan McMonigal
First Results From CHAOS: The Chemical Abundances Of Spirals Project 14 November 2014 Danielle Berg (Wisconsin)
Modeling the sub-grid side of galaxy formation 31 October 2014 Pierluigi Monaco (Trieste)
The edge of galaxy formation 24 October 2014 Justin Read (Surrey)
No talk scheduled (no room) 17 October 2014 -
The MESSIER satellite: unveiling galaxy formation 10 October 2014 David Valls-Gabaud (Paris)
Talk cancelled 26 September 2014 Speaker not available
The Local Group as a cosmological probe: dwarf galaxies, stellar streams, and stellar halos 5 September 2014 Nicolas Martin (Strasbourg)
Empirical Models of Galaxy Formation - Constraints and Predictions 29 August 2014 Ben Moster
Substructure in Andromeda's outer halo: the view from PAndAS 22 August 2014 Nick Bate (U Sydney)
AGN feedback in a multi-phase medium 25 July 2014 Sergei Nayashkin (Leicester)
New Constraints on the IGM Neutral Fraction at z=6-7 11 July 2014 George Becker (KICC)
Using IFU data to disentangle the starburst-AGN connection 4 July 2014 Rebecca Davies
Possible Variation of Fundamental Constants: the impact of recently uncovered systematic errors 20 June 2014 Jonathan Whitmore (Swinburne)
Using DLAs to study the physical conditions of gas in high redshift galaxies 13 June 2014 Marcel Neeleman (UC San Diego)
Feedback from Active Galactic Nuclei: Energy- versus momentum-driven outflows 30 May 2014 Tiago Costa (IoA)