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Talks Archive - Galaxies Discussion

Title Date Speaker
Strong lensing in the age of ALMA 21 October 2016 Matus Rybak (MPA)
The dynamics of supermassive triple black holes in galactic nuclei 30 September 2016 Francesco Haardt (Università degli Studi dell'Insubria)
Constraining halo and satellite properties with proper motions 23 September 2016 Tobias Fritz (University of Virginia)
Tracing the evolution of passive galaxies at z~1.4-2 with KMOS 16 September 2016 Alessandra Beifiori (MPE Garching)
Blindly Measuring the Hubble Constant (Again!) 9 September 2016 Matt Auger (IoA)
Dynamical constraints on the galaxy-halo connection 12 August 2016 Harry Desmond (Stanford)
Aspects of non-standard cosmology: galactic satellites 5 August 2016 Adi Nusser (Technion Haifa)
Galaxy Formation with SPARC: Tully-Fisher, Core-Cusp, Stellar Feedback, and a variety of insights from the local Universe 15 July 2016 Harley Katz (IoA)
Local Analogs for High-redshift Galaxies: Interstellar Medium Conditions and Metallicities in High-redshift Galaxies 8 July 2016 Fuyan Bian (ANU)
Nebular emission line ratios in z~2-3 star-forming galaxies: exploring the impact of ionization, excitation, and abundance patterns 17 June 2016 Allison Strom (Caltech)
Constraining the distribution of AGN accretion rates across the galaxy population 10 June 2016 James Aird (IoA)
Missing dark matter in dwarf galaxies? 27 May 2016 Kyle Oman (U Victoria)
Did LIGO detect dark matter? 20 May 2016 Simeon Bird (Johns Hopkins)
A new approach to cosmological simulations of galaxy formation and large scale structure 13 May 2016 Andrew Pontzen (UCL)
Selection bias in dynamically-measured super-massive black hole samples: its consequences and the quest for the most fundamental relation 15 April 2016 Francesco Shankar (Southampton)
The abundance and spatial distribution of ultra-diffuse galaxies in nearby galaxy clusters 1 April 2016 Remco van der Burg (CEA Saclay)
MApping the Most Massive Overdensity Through Hydrogen (MAMMOTH): A New Survey of High-Redshift Protoclusters 4 March 2016 Xiaohui Fan (Steward Observatory)
Gravitational Waves: reviewing the discovery and its implications 19 February 2016 Christopher Moore (IoA)
Gaia Alerts: A flare from stellar tidal disruption 12 February 2016 Morgan Fraser (IoA)
The metal enrichment of the intergalactic medium 5 February 2016 Andrea Pallottini (SNS Pisa and Cavendish)
First results from MaNGA 29 January 2016 Francesco Belfiore (Cavendish)
Interactions between Supermassive Black Holes and Hot Atmospheres in (Early type) Galaxies, Groups, and Clusters 22 January 2016 Bill Forman (Harvard)
Extremely metal poor stars in the Galactic bulge 15 January 2016 Andrew Casey (IoA)
Title Date Speaker
The case for radiation pressure driven outflows 4 December 2015 Andy Fabian (IoA)
Cosmic Dawn and 21-cm Cosmology: From Theoretical Concepts to Monumental Observations 27 November 2015 Rennan Barkana (Tel Aviv)
Properties of dark subhaloes from gaps in tidal streams 20 November 2015 Denis Erkal (IoA)
Resolving the flow around black holes 13 November 2015 Mike Curtis (IoA)
Sterile neutrino dark matter: galaxy formation and other stories 6 November 2015 Mark Lovell (U Amsterdam)
Galaxies growing up: Constant gas mass and thick discs 23 October 2015 Greg Stinson (MPIA Heidelberg)
News from POLARBEAR 16 October 2015 Giulio Fabbian (SISSA)