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Talks Archive - Galaxies Discussion

Title Date Speaker
Galaxy clusters at sub-millimeter wavelengths 28 April 2017 Gianfranco De Zotti (Padua Observatory - INAF)
Zooming in on the internal structure of z~6 galaxies 21 April 2017 Andrea Pallottini (Centro Fermi and Cavendish)
Ellipticals lensed by ellipticals: 10 billion years of growth 7 April 2017 Lindsay Oldham ( IoA)
Modelling the Milky Way with Gaia DR1 and beyond 24 March 2017 Jason Hunt (Toronto)
Seeking the Gold Standard Measurement of Star Formation at the End of the Rainbow 17 March 2017 Rob Kennicutt (IoA)
Life and adventures of supermassive black hole binaries: the mythical final-parsec problem 10 March 2017 Eugene Vasilyev (Oxford)
The circumgalactic gas and metals around star forming and elliptical galaxies 24 February 2017 Sijing Shen (Oslo)
The effect of AGN radiation pressure on dust 17 February 2017 Tiago Costa (Leiden Observatory)
The upper bound on the lowest mass halo 10 February 2017 Prashin Jethwa (IoA)
Interpreting ALMA observations of the ISM in a normal galaxy at z=7.1 3 February 2017 Stefano Carniani (Cavendish) and Harley Katz (IoA)
A Muse Analysis of a Brightly Lensed Galaxy at z~5 20 January 2017 Renske Smit (Cavendish)
Imaging of dust and molecular gas in high-redshift galaxies 13 January 2017 Padelis Papadopoulos (Cardiff)
Title Date Speaker
The Role of the Environment and Structural Transformation in the Quenching of Satellite Galaxies 16 December 2016 Joanna Woo (ETH Zurich)
Increasing the metallicity of metal-poor stars in the Galaxy by accretion from the ISM 2 December 2016 Girish Kulkarni (IoA)
A sharper view of Pal 5's tails: Discovery of stream perturbations with a novel non-parametric technique 25 November 2016 Denis Erkal (IoA)
Quasar Outflows and Black Hole Masses 18 November 2016 Liam Coatman (IoA)
Strong lensing in the age of ALMA 21 October 2016 Matus Rybak (MPA)
The dynamics of supermassive triple black holes in galactic nuclei 30 September 2016 Francesco Haardt (Università degli Studi dell'Insubria)
Constraining halo and satellite properties with proper motions 23 September 2016 Tobias Fritz (University of Virginia)
Tracing the evolution of passive galaxies at z~1.4-2 with KMOS 16 September 2016 Alessandra Beifiori (MPE Garching)
Blindly Measuring the Hubble Constant (Again!) 9 September 2016 Matt Auger (IoA)
Dynamical constraints on the galaxy-halo connection 12 August 2016 Harry Desmond (Stanford)
Aspects of non-standard cosmology: galactic satellites 5 August 2016 Adi Nusser (Technion Haifa)
Galaxy Formation with SPARC: Tully-Fisher, Core-Cusp, Stellar Feedback, and a variety of insights from the local Universe 15 July 2016 Harley Katz (IoA)
Local Analogs for High-redshift Galaxies: Interstellar Medium Conditions and Metallicities in High-redshift Galaxies 8 July 2016 Fuyan Bian (ANU)
Nebular emission line ratios in z~2-3 star-forming galaxies: exploring the impact of ionization, excitation, and abundance patterns 17 June 2016 Allison Strom (Caltech)
Constraining the distribution of AGN accretion rates across the galaxy population 10 June 2016 James Aird (IoA)
Missing dark matter in dwarf galaxies? 27 May 2016 Kyle Oman (U Victoria)
Did LIGO detect dark matter? 20 May 2016 Simeon Bird (Johns Hopkins)