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Talks Archive - Galaxies Discussion

Title Date Speaker
Dynamics of warped discs 8 June 2018 Chris Nixon (Leicester)
New constraints on Lyman-α opacity with a sample of 62 quasars at z > 5.7 18 May 2018 Sarah Bosman (UCL)
Merging black holes in nuclear star clusters 11 May 2018 Fabio Antonini (University of Surrey)
Concerns about Modelling Foregrounds and the 21-cm Signal in the EDGES data 4 May 2018 Ewald Puchwein (IoA)
The details in the DEVILS: Exploring the co-evolution of galaxies and halos over the last 8 billion years 13 April 2018 Luke Davies (ICRAR)
The Escape Fraction of Ionising Photons from Early Galaxies 23 March 2018 Richard Ellis (UCL)
A Hard Ionizing Spectrum in Ly-alpha Emitters: Implications for the Ionizing Output of Early Star-Forming Galaxies 16 March 2018 Kimihiko Nakajima (ESO and UCL)
The spin evolution of supermassive black holes 9 March 2018 Davide Fiacconi (IoA)
Exploring the Galaxy's alpha-element abundances and globular cluster populations with hydrodynamic simulations 2 March 2018 Rob Crain (Liverpool JMU)
A New Paradigm for Old Galaxies? 23 February 2018 Matt Auger (IoA)
Far-infrared emission from AGN and why this changes everything 16 February 2018 Myrto Symeonidis (UCL)
Title Date Speaker
Quasars in the epoch of reionization 15 December 2017 Eduardo Banados (Carnegie Observatories)
IR Spectroscopic Tracers for Galaxy Evolution Studies: the Spitzer/Herschel database 1 December 2017 Juan Fernandez Ontiveros (IAC Tenerife)
Evolution of the UV luminosity function of AGN out to redshift 7 24 November 2017 Girish Kulkarni (IoA)
Galaxy formation simulations: "subgrid" vs physics 17 November 2017 Matthew Smith (IoA)
The physics of AGN-driven galactic outflows 3 November 2017 Kastytitis Zubovas (Vilnius)
The thermal history of the Intergalactic Medium 20 October 2017 Ewald Puchwein (IoA)
Using RAVE and TGAS to understand each other, and the Galaxy 13 October 2017 Paul McMillan (Lund)
The temperature of the IGM after patchy hydrogen reionization 18 August 2017 Laura Keating (IoA)
Non-gravitational entropy and energy `profiles' in clusters - Implications for AGN feedback and Pre-heating 28 July 2017 Subhabrata Majumdar (Tata Institute)
Stellar feedback in the multi-phase interstellar medium 21 July 2017 Thorsten Naab (MPA Garching)
Exploring the IGM at the End of Reionization 14 July 2017 George Becker (UC Riverside)
Diagnosing feedback with the Lyman-alpha forest at z~0.1 7 July 2017 James Bolton (Nottingham)
Extremely metal-poor galaxies: Chemical laboratories of the early universe 30 June 2017 Enrique Perez-Montero (IAA Granada)
AGN jet feedback on a moving mesh: cocoon inflation, gas flows and turbulence 23 June 2017 Martin Bourne (IoA)
Beyond the stellar-halo mass relation: links between the dark matter halo and galaxy size and the total globular cluster population. 9 June 2017 Mike Hudson (Waterloo)
A conclusive test of cold dark matter 2 June 2017 Carlos Frenk (Durham)
Emission line mapping of galaxies at high resolution: optical radioastronomy 19 May 2017 John Beckman (IAC Tenerife)
Some exciting news from MUSE 12 May 2017 Marc Sarzi (Hertfordshire)
Observing Quasars that Switch Off. And back On again: What we are learning, and still don't understand, about the active central engines. 5 May 2017 Nic Ross (University of Edinburgh)