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Talks Archive - Galaxies Discussion

Title Date Speaker
A Lensed View of Low-Mass Dark Matter Structures 2 August 2019 Matt Auger (KICC)
Galactic archaeology with stellar streams 26 July 2019 Rodrigo Ibata (Strasbourg)
When the spectral lines in the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 5548 went on holiday 28 June 2019 Gary Ferland (U Kentucky)
An Update on the Zwicky Transient Facility 7 June 2019 Shri Kulkarni (Caltech)
How to Quench a Dwarf Galaxy: The Impact of Reionization on Cosmic Structure 31 May 2019 Harley Katz (Oxford)
Star-forming clumps at high redshift and their importance for galaxy evolution 24 May 2019 Anita Zanella (ESO)
Towards an understanding of black hole binary formation through gravitational wave observations 17 May 2019 Hongyu Shen (Urbana-Champaign)
Move, multiply, and measure cold gas around galaxies 10 May 2019 Max Gronke (UC Santa Barbara)
Formation and evolution of stellar clusters: the E-MOSAICS simulations 3 May 2019 Marta Reina-Campos (Heidelberg)
The formation and evolution of different galaxy components with MaNGA 26 April 2019 Alfonso Aragon-Salamanca (Nottingham)
Kinematics and dynamics of molecular gas in high redshift quasars 12 April 2019 Alessandro Lupi (SNS Pisa)
Can supernova feedback regulate properties of dwarf galaxies? 5 April 2019 Matthew Smith (Flatiron Institute)
The tale of two halos: a couple of super cool results from the Gaia DR2 22 March 2019 Vasily Belokurov (IoA)
Compact HII galaxies 1 March 2019 Ricardo Chavez (UNAM)
The discreteness-driven relaxation of collisionless gravitating systems 22 February 2019 Beraldo e Silva (U Central Lancashire)
Massive outflows of cold gas and their role in the baryon cycle of galaxies 15 February 2019 Claudia Cicone (OABrera, Milano)
Title Date Speaker
Searching for the fastest stars in Gaia DR2 30 November 2018 Tommaso Marchetti (Leiden)
Splashback as a physical boundary of galaxy halos: theoretical predictions, observational detections, and implications for galaxy evolution 16 November 2018 Andrey Kravtsov (U.Chicago and IoA)
Multi-messenger study of the Milky Way with LISA, Gaia and LSST 2 November 2018 Valeriya Korol (Leiden)
Emission Line Properties of High-Redshift Galaxies: Predictions of Lya, Infrared, and Nebular Lines for ALMA and JWST 26 October 2018 Harley Katz (Oxford)
Magnetised clouds in the Galactic corona: Fuel for future star formation? 12 October 2018 Asger Gronnow (University of Sydney)
The Emergence of Structure during the Epoch of Reionization 5 October 2018 Martin Haehnelt
Dynamical Formation of Compact Object Mergers 21 September 2018 Carl Rodriguez (MIT)
Metallicity Gradients in Star-Forming Galaxies using SAMI and TYPHOON 7 September 2018 Henry Poetrodjojo (ANU)
The Epoch of Helium Reionization -- The Final Phase Transition of the Universe 31 August 2018 Gabor Worseck (Potsdam)
Discovery of a 4-sigma deviation from the Concordance Model of Cosmology using the Hubble Diagram of Quasars. 10 August 2018 Elisabeta Lusso (Durham)
Hot, Dust-Obscured Galaxies 27 July 2018 Roberto Assef (Universidad Diego Portales)
The FABLE simulations: A feedback model for galaxies, groups and clusters 20 July 2018 Nick Henden (IoA)
Dust in the early Universe 29 June 2018 Raffaella Schneider (Rome)
Revisiting relaxation in globular clusters 15 June 2018 Chris Hamilton (DAMTP)