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Talks Archive - Galaxies Discussion

Title Date Speaker
Small-scale structure of the pre-reionization IGM in quasar proximity zones 11 December 2020 Frederick Davies (MPIA Heidelberg)
Rapidly Forming Haloes as a Route to Massive Black Holes 4 December 2020 John Regan (Maynooth)
The Impact of AGN Feedback on Simulated Dwarf Galaxies 27 November 2020 Sophie Koudmani (IoA)
The Hubble Constant from Time Delays: Breaking Degeneracies with External Datasets 20 November 2020 Matthew Auger (IoA)
Connecting large and small scale perturbations of the Galactic disc 6 November 2020 Chervin Laporte (Kavli IPMU Tokyo)
Population III stars: effects of UV radiation, baryon-dark matter streaming velocity, and redshift 30 October 2020 Mihir Kulkarni (Columbia)
Understanding galactic morphology using cosmological simulations with controlled initial conditions 23 October 2020 Andrew Pontzen (UCL)
The chemical enrichment of near-pristine systems: possible quenching following Reionization. 16 October 2020 Louise Welsh (Durham)
New Methods for Identifying Lyman Continuum Leakers and Reionization-Epoch Analogues 9 October 2020 Harley Katz (Oxford)
A consistent and robust measurement of the thermal state of the IGM at 2<z<4 with a large sample of Lyman-alpha forest spectra 2 October 2020 Prakash Gaikwad (IoA)
Supernova clustering and galactic outflows 25 September 2020 Matthew Smith (CfA Harvard)
The (chemical) history of the Milky Way told by its mergers 24 July 2020 Oscar Agertz and Florent Renaud (Lund Observatory)
A lockdown perspective on cosmic tensions 17 July 2020 George Efstathiou (IoA)
Fifth Force Constraints from Galaxy-Scale Tests 10 July 2020 Aneesh Naik (IoA)
Understanding the epoch of reionization with Lyman-alpha emitters 3 July 2020 Lewis Weinberger (IoA)
Tidal disruption of stars 26 June 2020 Thomas Wevers (IoA)
Star formation inside galactic outflows 19 June 2020 Roberto Maiolino (Cavendish)
The demise of the Sagittarius galaxy 5 June 2020 Eugene Vasiliev (IoA)
Probing Cosmic Dawn with the most distant galaxies 29 May 2020 Nicolas Laporte (Cavendish)
The Biggest Splash 22 May 2020 Vasily Belokurov (IoA)
Powering galactic superwinds with small-scale AGN winds 15 May 2020 Tiago Costa (MPA Garching)
IGM-galaxy cross-correlations during reionization 17 April 2020 Romain Meyer (UCL)
Seeing the Milky Way Disk Evolve 6 March 2020 Neige Frankel (MPIA Heidelberg)
Lyman-alpha emitters in QSO proximity zones 21 February 2020 Sarah Bosman (UCL)
The detection of ionised carbon in a Lyman break galaxy with surprisingly warm dust at z = 8.31 14 February 2020 Tom Bakx (Nagoya University)
Title Date Speaker
How is star formation in galaxies quenched? 29 November 2019 Asa Bluck (Cavendish)
QSOs with Gaia 15 November 2019 Yiping Shu (IoA)
The dynamical scaling laws of disk galaxies 8 November 2019 Federico Lelli (ESO)
Probing the thermal state of the intergalactic medium at z > 5 with the transmission spikes in high-resolution Lyα forest spectra 25 October 2019 Prakash Gaikwad (IoA)
Structure formation with Fuzzy Dark Matter 18 October 2019 Anastasia Fialkov (IoA)