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Talks Archive - Galaxies Discussion

Title Date Speaker
Probing Cosmic Dawn with the most distant galaxies 29 May 2020 Nicolas Laporte (Cavendish)
The Biggest Splash 22 May 2020 Vasily Belokurov (IoA)
Powering galactic superwinds with small-scale AGN winds 15 May 2020 Tiago Costa (MPA Garching)
IGM-galaxy cross-correlations during reionization 17 April 2020 Romain Meyer (UCL)
Seeing the Milky Way Disk Evolve 6 March 2020 Neige Frankel (MPIA Heidelberg)
Lyman-alpha emitters in QSO proximity zones 21 February 2020 Sarah Bosman (UCL)
The detection of ionised carbon in a Lyman break galaxy with surprisingly warm dust at z = 8.31 14 February 2020 Tom Bakx (Nagoya University)
Title Date Speaker
How is star formation in galaxies quenched? 29 November 2019 Asa Bluck (Cavendish)
QSOs with Gaia 15 November 2019 Yiping Shu (IoA)
The dynamical scaling laws of disk galaxies 8 November 2019 Federico Lelli (ESO)
Probing the thermal state of the intergalactic medium at z > 5 with the transmission spikes in high-resolution Lyα forest spectra 25 October 2019 Prakash Gaikwad (IoA)
Structure formation with Fuzzy Dark Matter 18 October 2019 Anastasia Fialkov (IoA)
Angular momentum of early type galaxies based on extended kinematics 27 September 2019 Ortwin Gerhard (MPE Garching)
Constraining models of warm and self-interacting dark matter with quadruple-image strong gravitational lenses 13 September 2019 Daniel Gilman (UCLA)
A Lensed View of Low-Mass Dark Matter Structures 2 August 2019 Matt Auger (KICC)
Galactic archaeology with stellar streams 26 July 2019 Rodrigo Ibata (Strasbourg)
When the spectral lines in the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 5548 went on holiday 28 June 2019 Gary Ferland (U Kentucky)
An Update on the Zwicky Transient Facility 7 June 2019 Shri Kulkarni (Caltech)
How to Quench a Dwarf Galaxy: The Impact of Reionization on Cosmic Structure 31 May 2019 Harley Katz (Oxford)
Star-forming clumps at high redshift and their importance for galaxy evolution 24 May 2019 Anita Zanella (ESO)
Towards an understanding of black hole binary formation through gravitational wave observations 17 May 2019 Hongyu Shen (Urbana-Champaign)
Move, multiply, and measure cold gas around galaxies 10 May 2019 Max Gronke (UC Santa Barbara)
Formation and evolution of stellar clusters: the E-MOSAICS simulations 3 May 2019 Marta Reina-Campos (Heidelberg)
The formation and evolution of different galaxy components with MaNGA 26 April 2019 Alfonso Aragon-Salamanca (Nottingham)
Kinematics and dynamics of molecular gas in high redshift quasars 12 April 2019 Alessandro Lupi (SNS Pisa)
Can supernova feedback regulate properties of dwarf galaxies? 5 April 2019 Matthew Smith (Flatiron Institute)
The tale of two halos: a couple of super cool results from the Gaia DR2 22 March 2019 Vasily Belokurov (IoA)
Compact HII galaxies 1 March 2019 Ricardo Chavez (UNAM)
The discreteness-driven relaxation of collisionless gravitating systems 22 February 2019 Beraldo e Silva (U Central Lancashire)
Massive outflows of cold gas and their role in the baryon cycle of galaxies 15 February 2019 Claudia Cicone (OABrera, Milano)