Institute of Astronomy

Talks Archive - Eddington Lectures

Title Date Speaker
The Chemistry of Planet Formation and the Making of Habitable Planets 8 March 2018 Karin I. Öberg (Harvard University)
Physical Manifestations of Evolution, Regularity and Chaos In and Around Our Galaxy 9 March 2017 Kathryn Johnston (Columbia University)
Kepler, the Architectures of Exoplanet Systems & Implications for Planet Formation 10 March 2016 Eric Ford (Penn State University)
Ghostly Galaxies: exploring the universe with the Dragonfly Telescope 12 March 2015 Pieter Van Dokkum (Yale)
Galaxy Evolution in 3-D 13 February 2014 Professor Lisa Kewley (ANU)
The Turbulent Environment of Planet Formation 7 March 2013 Phil Armitage (Colorado)
Galaxies Viewed as Collections of Individual Stars 8 March 2012 Professor Julianne Dalcanton, University of Washington
Astronomy: A Subject on the Cusp 10 March 2011 Shri Kulkarni, Caltech
Searching for Life on Mars 11 March 2010 Peter Smith, Lunar and Planetary Lab, University of Arizona