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Talks Archive - Colloquia

Title Date Speaker
The Cosmic origins Spectrograph on HST: New IGM Results including Baryon Census 16 September 2010 John Stocke (Colorado)
New observational tests of the LCDM (with pesky baryons) paradigm 2 September 2010 Tommaso Treu, University of California Santa Barbara
The Herschel ATLAS 10 June 2010 Steve Eales, Cardiff
ULTRACAM observations of binary stars 3 June 2010 Tom R. Marsh, University of Warwick
Origins of Stars, Planets, and Life; Galactic and Infrared Astronomy 27 May 2010 Michael Meyer, ETH Hoenggerberg, Zurich
A Physical Treatment of AGN Feedback 20 May 2010 Jeremiah Ostriker, Princeton
Radiation feedback in high and low mass star and planet formation 13 May 2010 Barbara Ercolano, IoA, Cambridge
The HERMES project -- reconstructing the ancient Galaxy 6 May 2010 Joss Bland-Hawthorn (Federation Fellow, University of Sydney; Leverhulme Visiting Professor & Merton Fellow, University of Oxford)
Self-regulated evolution of galaxies and supermassive black holes 29 April 2010 Joop Schaye, Leiden University
Galactic Outflows at Redshifts z = 2 -3: Watching `Feedback' in Action. 22 April 2010 Max Pettini, Institute of Astronomy, university of cambridge
Supernovae: Explosions and Dark Energy 4 March 2010 Mark Sullivan, Oxford
The Impact of Nuclear Star Formation on Gas Inflow and AGN Fuelling 25 February 2010 Richard Davies, Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik
Evolution of Massive Galaxies 18 February 2010 Chris Conselice, Nottingham
High-energy particle acceleration in active galaxies 11 February 2010 Martin Hardcastle, Hertfordshire
Star Formation at Very Low Metallicity 4 February 2010 Anne-Katharina Jappsen, Cardiff
Molecules in star- and planet-forming regions: from ice cold to steaming hot 28 January 2010 Ewine van Dishoeck, Leiden
IGM Reionization and 21 cm line observations 21 January 2010 Benedetta Ciardi, MPA-Garching
Galaxies Under the Cosmic Microscope 14 January 2010 Mark Swinbank, Durham University
Title Date Speaker
The Formation of High-Redshift Submillimetre Galaxies  10 December 2009 Desika Narayanan, Harvard
The redshift z=6-9 galaxy population 3 December 2009 Ross McLure, University of Edinburgh
Metals, dust and galaxy formation in the early universe 26 November 2009 Roberto Maiolino, Astronomical Observatory of Rome
Using star clusters to probe the star formation histories of galaxies: problems and solutions 19 November 2009 Nate Bastian, Cambridge IoA
Superstellar clusters and their impact on their host galaxies 12 November 2009 Guillermo Tenorio-Tagle, INAOE, Mexico
Towards an empirical understanding of how galaxies acquire their gas 5 November 2009 Guinevere Kauffmann, MPA-Garching
Weak lensing by large scale structure 29 October 2009 Henk Hoekstra, Leiden
Planet formation: facts, beliefs and predictions 22 October 2009 Phil Armitage, University of Colorado
The importance of kinetic effects in weakly collisional astrophysical plasmas 15 October 2009 Jim Stone, Princeton
The discovery of the Kerr metric 30 July 2009 Roy Kerr, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
The recently discovered Intermittent Radio Pulsars 18 June 2009 Curt Michel, Rice University
Cosmological simulations of the growth of supermassive black holes and feedback from active galactic nuclei 11 June 2009 Craig Booth, Leiden observatory