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Talks Archive - Colloquia

Title Date Speaker
Metals, dust and galaxy formation in the early universe 26 November 2009 Roberto Maiolino, Astronomical Observatory of Rome
Using star clusters to probe the star formation histories of galaxies: problems and solutions 19 November 2009 Nate Bastian, Cambridge IoA
Superstellar clusters and their impact on their host galaxies 12 November 2009 Guillermo Tenorio-Tagle, INAOE, Mexico
Towards an empirical understanding of how galaxies acquire their gas 5 November 2009 Guinevere Kauffmann, MPA-Garching
Weak lensing by large scale structure 29 October 2009 Henk Hoekstra, Leiden
Planet formation: facts, beliefs and predictions 22 October 2009 Phil Armitage, University of Colorado
The importance of kinetic effects in weakly collisional astrophysical plasmas 15 October 2009 Jim Stone, Princeton
The discovery of the Kerr metric 30 July 2009 Roy Kerr, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
The recently discovered Intermittent Radio Pulsars 18 June 2009 Curt Michel, Rice University
Cosmological simulations of the growth of supermassive black holes and feedback from active galactic nuclei 11 June 2009 Craig Booth, Leiden observatory
Clouds, cores, and disks: a potpourri of results from the submillimeter telescopes on Mauna Kea 4 June 2009 Jonathan Williams, Institute for Astronomy, Hawaii
Does the Sun have a subsolar metallicity? 28 May 2009 Martin Asplund, MPA Garching
The structure of (mostly dark) halos 21 May 2009 Prof. Carlos Frenk, University of Durham
Surprises in Near-Field Cosmology 14 May 2009 Rodrigo Ibata, Observatoire de Strasbourg
COSMIC METAL ENRICHMENT 7 May 2009 Andrea Ferrara, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa
Galactic Archaeology with GCD+ 30 April 2009 Daisuke Kawata, MSSL
The SINS survey: resolved galaxy kinematics at z~2 23 April 2009 Natascha Foerster Schreiber, Max Planck, Garching
The MeerKAT: an SKA Pathfinder and a major new mid-frequency telescope 16 April 2009 Bernie Fanaroff, Project Director, South African SKA Project
This talk has been cancelled. Quasar Numbers 16 March 2009 This talk has been cancelled. Xiaohui Fan, Steward Observatory, The University of Arizona
Bringing our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole and its Environs into Focus with Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics 12 March 2009 Andrea Ghez, UCLA
New results from the zCOSMOS galaxy redshift survey 5 March 2009 Simon Lilly, Zurich
The Recent Star Formation Histories of Nearby Galaxies 26 February 2009 Evan Skillman, University of Minnesota
Building Relativistic Jets 19 February 2009 Kris Beckwith, Cambridge, Institute of Astronomy
From solar systems to the observed extrasolar planets: the potential of perturbing stars 12 February 2009 Prof Melvyn B. Davies, Lund Observatory, Sweden
New Observational Insights into Cosmic Reionization 5 February 2009 George Becker, Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge
Formation of nuclear disks and orbital decay of supermassive black holes in galaxy mergers 29 January 2009 Lucio Mayer, Zurich
SuperWASP robots spot new planets near solar system 22 January 2009 Don Pollaco, Belfast
First observations of the molecular gas reservoirs of large disk galaxies at z~1.5 15 January 2009 Emanuele Daddi, CEA, Saclay, Paris
Title Date Speaker
The X-ray Universe 11 December 2008 Richard Mushotzky, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
High redshift Gamma Ray Bursts 4 December 2008 Nial Tanvir, Leicester