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Talks Archive - Colloquia

Title Date Speaker
The Planck Legacy 16 January 2014 Jean-Loup Puget (Paris)
Title Date Speaker
Galactic Winds over Cosmic Time 5 December 2013 Crystal Martin (UCSB)
Profiling Massive Black Holes through Stellar Tidal Disruption 28 November 2013 Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz (UCSC)
Highly magnetic neutron stars: bewildering astrophysical laboratories and cosmological tools 21 November 2013 Rosalba Perna (Colorado)
The New Era of Exoplanetary Characterization 7 November 2013 Nikku Madhusudhan (IoA)
New Results from the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph: Missing Baryons, AGN, and Reionization 24 October 2013 Michael Shull (Colorado)
How feedback shapes the galaxy stellar mass function 17 October 2013 Tom Theuns (Durham)
The Origin of Spirals in Galaxies 10 October 2013 Jerry Sellwood (Rutgers)
Small Stars in Large Surveys - Large Surveys for Small Stars 13 June 2013 Boris Gänsicke (Warwick)
The Formation Modes of z > 1 Galaxies and their Cosmological Implications 6 June 2013 Christopher Conselice (Nottingham)
Astrophysics and Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters: the Role of Simulations 30 May 2013 Stefano Borgani (INAF Trieste)
New Ideas on Mechanisms of Angular Momentum Transport and Variability in Boundary Layers of Accretion Disks 23 May 2013 Roman Rafikov (Princeton)
Exploring Accreting Black Holes with X-ray Reflection and Reverberation. 16 May 2013 Andrew Fabian (IoA)
X-raying Galaxy Ecosystems 9 May 2013 Daniel Wang (UMass)
Detecting Gravitational Waves (and doing other cool physics) with Millisecond Pulsars 2 May 2013 Scott Ransom (NRAO)
Extreme Massive Stars 14 March 2013 Raphael Hirschi
Nearly 100 Years After General Relativity: Was Einstein Right? - An Answer by a Radio Astronomer 28 February 2013 Michael Kramer (Manchester)
Using Numerical Simulations to Reveal the Origins of the Statistical Properties of Stars 21 February 2013 Matthew Bate (Exeter)
Shattering Asteroids and Paradigms: Planetary Scars on Dead Rock Stars 14 February 2013 Jay Farihi (IoA)
Gravitational Wave Astrophysics of Compact Binaries 7 February 2013 Ilya Mandel (Birmingham)
The Cosmological Formation and Assembly of Massive Galaxies 31 January 2013 Thorsten Naab (MPA)
New Perspectives on Galaxy Evolution 24 January 2013 Simon Lilly (ETH)
HST Transiting Hot Jupiter Atmospheric Survey: The Dawn of Comparative Exoplanet Atmospheres 17 January 2013 David Sing (Exeter)
Title Date Speaker
Exploring early galaxy evolution with gamma-ray bursts 29 November 2012 Nial Tanvir (Leicester)
How Supermassive Black Holes Affect Their Host Galaxies 22 November 2012 Andrew King (Leicester)
Assume Dark Matter exists. How big is the smallest halo? 15 November 2012 Vasily Belokurov (IoA)
Populating our Universe after inflation 1 November 2012 Mustafa Amin (MIT -> IoA)
A deep look into AGN: accretion and outflow of gas in Mrk 509 25 October 2012 Jelle Kaastra (SRON)
Galaxy formation on a moving mesh 18 October 2012 Debora Sijacki (CfA -> IoA)
Galaxy Formation at its Most Active Phase: streams from the cosmic web, violent disk instability, blue and red nuggets, and black-hole growth 11 October 2012 Avishai Dekel (Racah Institute of Physics)