Institute of Astronomy

Talks Archive - Colloquia

Title Date Speaker
Gaia 5 June 2014 Gerry Gilmore & Floor van Leeuwen (IoA)
Dark Matter 29 May 2014 Gianfranco Bertone (University of Amsterdam)
The balance of power: accretion and outflow in black holes and neutron stars 22 May 2014 Rob Fender (Oxford)
Science Highlights from the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR): Bringing the High Energy Universe into Focus 15 May 2014 Fiona Harrison (IoA/Caltech)
The Astrophysics of Stellar Clusters 8 May 2014 Melvyn Davies (Lund Observatory)
Athena 1 May 2014 Paul Nandra (MPE)
Where's the Matter? (Tails from the Milky Way's destructive past) 24 April 2014 Kathryn Johnston (Columbia)
Growth spurting baby galaxies 13 March 2014 Sadegh Khochfar (Edinburgh)
Constraining Globular Clusters Formation through studies of young massive star clusters 6 March 2014 Nate Bastian (Liverpool John Moores)
Finding extraterrestrial life using ground-based high-dispersion spectroscopy 27 February 2014 Ignas Snellen (Leiden)
Delivering transformational science with the SKA 20 February 2014 Paul Alexander (Battcock)
MHD turbulence and state changes in compact X-ray sources 6 February 2014 Steve Balbus (Oxford)
Nucleosynthesis yields and chemodynamical simulations of galaxies 30 January 2014 Chiaki Kobayashi (Herts)
X-Ray Telescopes - Optics design and technology 23 January 2014 Dick Willingale (Leicester)
The Planck Legacy 16 January 2014 Jean-Loup Puget (Paris)
Title Date Speaker
Galactic Winds over Cosmic Time 5 December 2013 Crystal Martin (UCSB)
Profiling Massive Black Holes through Stellar Tidal Disruption 28 November 2013 Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz (UCSC)
Highly magnetic neutron stars: bewildering astrophysical laboratories and cosmological tools 21 November 2013 Rosalba Perna (Colorado)
The New Era of Exoplanetary Characterization 7 November 2013 Nikku Madhusudhan (IoA)
New Results from the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph: Missing Baryons, AGN, and Reionization 24 October 2013 Michael Shull (Colorado)
How feedback shapes the galaxy stellar mass function 17 October 2013 Tom Theuns (Durham)
The Origin of Spirals in Galaxies 10 October 2013 Jerry Sellwood (Rutgers)
Small Stars in Large Surveys - Large Surveys for Small Stars 13 June 2013 Boris Gänsicke (Warwick)
The Formation Modes of z > 1 Galaxies and their Cosmological Implications 6 June 2013 Christopher Conselice (Nottingham)
Astrophysics and Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters: the Role of Simulations 30 May 2013 Stefano Borgani (INAF Trieste)
New Ideas on Mechanisms of Angular Momentum Transport and Variability in Boundary Layers of Accretion Disks 23 May 2013 Roman Rafikov (Princeton)
Exploring Accreting Black Holes with X-ray Reflection and Reverberation. 16 May 2013 Andrew Fabian (IoA)
X-raying Galaxy Ecosystems 9 May 2013 Daniel Wang (UMass)
Detecting Gravitational Waves (and doing other cool physics) with Millisecond Pulsars 2 May 2013 Scott Ransom (NRAO)
Extreme Massive Stars 14 March 2013 Raphael Hirschi