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Talks Archive - Colloquia

Title Date Speaker
Internal structures and compositions of giant (exo)planets: From CoRoT to Juno 22 October 2015 Tristan Guillot (Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur)
Probing the mass assembly of galaxies with ultra-deep imaging 15 October 2015 Pierre-Alain Duc (CEA-Saclay)
Fred Hoyle's manifold contributions: A personal view 8 October 2015 Jayant Narlikar (IUCAA, Pune)
Zero Active Mass in FRW Cosmologies 11 June 2015 Fulvio Melia, University of Arizona
Positive feedback in galaxies 4 June 2015 Roberto Maiolino, Battcock Centre, Cavendish Astrophysics
Exploring the Extreme Climates of Giant Planets 28 May 2015 Leigh Fletcher, Oxford University
Using our Galactic center supermassive black hole Sgr A* as a testbed for theories of accretion 21 May 2015 Sera Markoff, University of Amsterdam
Euclid space mission: a cosmological challenge for the next 15 years 14 May 2015 Roberto Scaramella, INAF-Osservatorio di Roma
Jet-ISM Interactions in Radio Quiet AGN 7 May 2015 Mark Whittle, University of Virginia
Galactic Archeology - past, present, and future 30 April 2015 Sofia Feltzing, Lund Observatory
Galactic Winds: Implications for Models of Galaxy Evolution 23 April 2015 Tim Heckman (Johns Hopkins University, CAS)
Exploring Gravitational forces via thought experiments 19 March 2015 Donald Lynden-Bell, IoA
Quantifying Dark Energy using Cosmic Lensing 5 March 2015 Sarah Bridle, University of Manchester
The physics of AGN feedback in galaxy clusters 26 February 2015 Christopher Reynolds, University of Maryland
What Can Tidal Disruption Events Teach Us About Black Hole Accretion? 19 February 2015 Mitch Begelman, JILA Colorado
eROSITA: a global view of the hot Universe 12 February 2015 Andrea Merloni, MPE Garching
Supernova flash spectroscopy: a new observational window into stellar death 5 February 2015 Avishay Gal-Yam, Weizmann Institute
CANCELLED - Using our Galactic center supermassive black hole Sgr A* as a testbed for theories of accretion 29 January 2015 Sera Markoff, University of Amsterdam
Connecting the cosmic web to Galaxy morphology 22 January 2015 Christophe Pichon, IAP
Overview of Planck 2014 Cosmological Results **Note Change of Date** 16 January 2015 George Efstathiou, IoA
Title Date Speaker
Surveying the M31 system 27 November 2014 Mike Irwin (IoA)
Examining Galaxy Formation and Evolution with the Milky Way and its Massive Satellites 20 November 2014 David Nidever (Michigan)
Astronomy in the era of the LSST: understanding our universe a bit at a time 13 November 2014 Andrew Connolly (Univ of Washington)
Star Formation Across Space 6 November 2014 Daniela Calzetti (Univ of Massachusetts)
Active Galaxies in Cosmic X-ray Surveys: The Ecology of Distant AGNs 30 October 2014 David Alexander (Durham)
White Dwarfs in Binary Stars 23 October 2014 Tom Marsh (Warwick)
Finding the first galaxies with a magnifying GLASS 16 October 2014 Tommaso Treu (UCLA)
Lyman Continuum Leakage in the Local Universe 9 October 2014 Claus Leitherer (STSCi)
Exoplanets from WASP to PLATO 12 June 2014 Don Pollacco (University of Warwick)
New Horizons to the Pluto System: Exploring the Frontier of our Solar System 9 June 2014 Alan Stern (Southwest Research Institute)