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Talks Archive - Colloquia

Title Date Speaker
Spiral arms in galaxies and GMC formation 8 November 2018 Clare Dobbs (Exeter)
The structure of galactic thick disks 1 November 2018 Marie Martig (LJMU)
Shaken up: Gaia DR2 and the warped Milky Way disc 25 October 2018 Ralph Schoenrich (Oxford)
A chemical survey of planets in our galaxy 18 October 2018 Giovanna Tinetti (UCL)
A Golden Age of Asteroseismology with Kepler 11 October 2018 Tim Bedding (U Sydney)
How galaxies form stars 4 October 2018 Andrey Kravtsov (U Chicago)
Violent quenching: fast multiphase gas outflows from post-starburst galaxies 14 June 2018 Jim Geach (Herts)
Understanding Intense Star Formation through Observations and Modelling 7 June 2018 Elizabeth Stanway (Warwick)
Toward A New Calibration of the Hubble Constant 31 May 2018 Wendy Freedman (Chicago)
Know thy Star, Know thy Prebiotic Chemistry 24 May 2018 Paul Rimmer (Cavendish)
Addressing the Missing AGN Problem 17 May 2018 Belinda Wilkes (SAO)
Stellar rejuvenation around massive black holes in the Galactic center and metal-rich quasars, and gravitational wave sources in AGN disks: Analog of planetary systems around massive black holes 10 May 2018 Douglas N. C. Lin (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Fast Radio Bursts 3 May 2018 Ben Stappers (Manchester)
Kepler Planets - retention and loss of their atmospheres 26 April 2018 James Owen (Imperial)
From Seeds to Monsters:  Supermassive Black Holes Over Cosmic Time 15 March 2018 Priya Natarajan (Yale)
The Galactic Centre: a template for understanding star formation and feedback in a high-pressure environment 1 March 2018 Steve Longmore (LJMU)
White dwarfs as tracers of cosmic, galactic, stellar & planetary evolution 22 February 2018 Boris Gaensicke (Warwick)
The birth of giants: quasars and their host galaxies in the reionisation epoch 1 February 2018 Bram Venemans (MPIA)
The deaths of massive stars 25 January 2018 Ben Davies (LJMU)
Spirals, rings, gaps and asymmetries: using disc structure to infer planet formation processes 18 January 2018 Farzana Meru (IoA/Warwick)
Title Date Speaker
Weather on Brown Dwarfs: New Insights from Synoptic Spectrophotometry and Fluid Instability Models 30 November 2017 Adam Burgasser (UC San Diego)
CMB Lensing: Fundamental Physics from Maps of the Invisible 23 November 2017 Blake Sherwin (DAMTP)
Galaxy Cluster Evolution over the Past 10 Billion Years 16 November 2017 Michael McDonald (MIT Kavli Institute)
Neutron star mergers: past, present and future 9 November 2017 Nial Tanvir (Leicester)
Tori, disks, and winds — the AGN dust emission at high angular resolution 2 November 2017 Sebastian Hoenig, University of Southampton
Supernova Dust 26 October 2017 Mike Barlow, University College London
New Frontiers in Exoplanet Characterization 19 October 2017 Jayne Birkby (University of Amsterdam)
The Tarantula Nebula - A template for extragalactic star forming regions 12 October 2017 Paul Crowther (University of Sheffield)
Gaia - the mission and first science 5 October 2017 Gerry Gilmore (IoA)
Probing the dynamics of gravity with gravitational wave detections 8 June 2017 Michalis Agathos (DAMTP, Cambridge)