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Talks Archive - Colloquia

Title Date Speaker
Exploring the First Light And Reionisation Epoch 27 February 2020 Stephen Wilkins, Sussex
New substructure in the phase-space of the Milky Way with Gaia 20 February 2020 Teresa Antoja, University of Barcelona
Moving beyond stellar activity limitations to detect other Earths 13 February 2020 Nadege Meunier, Grenoble
The intriguing lives of post-starburst galaxies 6 February 2020 Vivienne Wild, St Andrews
The core of the matter – spatially resolving the nuclei of Active Galaxies with VLTI/GRAVITY 23 January 2020 Eckhard Sturm, MPE
The dispersal of planet forming discs and its role on the formation and evolution of planets 16 January 2020 Barbara Ercolano, LMU Munich
Title Date Speaker
Tracing the building blocks of habitable worlds from disks to planets 5 December 2019 Oliver Shorttle (IoA and Earth Sciences, Cambs)
The Galactic Halo Renaissance 28 November 2019 Alis Deason (Durham)
Accretion Disks, Winds And Jets in Tidal Disruption Events 21 November 2019 Jane Lixin Dai (University of Hong Kong)
The role of halo formation history and circumgalactic gas expulsion in the evolution of galaxies 14 November 2019 Rob Crain (LJMU)
Asteroseismology: Results from Kepler and TESS 7 November 2019 William Chaplin (Birmingham)
Mapping accreting black holes using X-ray variability 17 October 2019 Adam Ingram (Oxford)
Collisionless losscone refilling: the end of the final parsec problem 10 October 2019 Alessia Gualandris (Surrey)
Using the Magellanic Clouds to understand the interaction of galaxies 6 June 2019 Maria-Rosa Cioni (AIP)
Cosmology with Gravitational Lens Time Delays 30 May 2019 Sherry Suyu (MPA)
Radiation mechanism of Fast Radio Bursts 23 May 2019 Pawan Kumar (UT Austin)
The landscape of galaxy cluster cosmology 16 May 2019 Steve Allen (Stanford)
What's wrong with accretion discs? 9 May 2019 Chris Nixon (Leicester)
A new perspective on the Universe in the era of multi-messenger astronomy 2 May 2019 Samaya Nissanke (Amsterdam)
Getting close to the brightest black holes with NICER 25 April 2019 Phil Uttley (Amsterdam)
New Results from the Event Horizon Telescope 18 April 2019 Heino Falcke (Radboud University)
Deconstructing stellar halos in the Local Group 14 March 2019 Alan McConnachie (U Vic)
Proper-Motion Studies of Galactic Globular Clusters 28 February 2019 Laura Watkins (ESO)
Transformative advances in post-main-sequence planetary system science 21 February 2019 Dimitri Veras (Warwick)
Wide-field submm surveys of the nearby and very distant Universe 7 February 2019 Steve Eales (Cardiff)
Helium Stars, Heavy Metals, High Velocities and Explosions  31 January 2019 Simon Jeffery (Armagh)
Star Formation, GMCs, and Galaxies 24 January 2019 Norm Murray (CITA)
Nano-particles in Proto-Planetary Discs 17 January 2019 Jane Greaves (Cardiff)
Title Date Speaker
Reionization after Planck 29 November 2018 Piero Madau (UCSC)
The first quasars in the early universe 22 November 2018 Chris Done (Durham)