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Talks Archive - Colloquia

Title Date Speaker
Test Talk 12 September 2023 Speaker to be confirmed
Test 2 5 September 2023 Speaker to be confirmed
Cosmic dust in- and outside of the solar system 15 June 2023 Dr Veerle Sterken, ETH Zurich
Low mass galaxies as cosmological tools 1 June 2023 Dr. Michelle Collins (University of Surrey)
JWST at the edge of the Universe - finding galaxies in the epoch of reionization with NIRSpec 25 May 2023 Prof. Andy Bunker (Oxford University)
What Really Makes an Accretion Disk MAD 18 May 2023 Prof. Mitchell C. Begelman (University of Colorado, Boulder)
WEAVE: Science, design, and first light 11 May 2023 Scott Trager, Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen
Multi-messenger astronomy with the Gravitational wave Optical Transient Observer 4 May 2023 Prof. Danny Steeghs, University of Warwick
Intracluster light in distant proto-clusters 27 April 2023 Nina Hatch, University of Nottingham
Eddington Lecture 2023: The Grand Challenge Questions of Solar Wind Physics 9 March 2023 Dr. Nicholeen Viall, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Giant magnetic fields of small stars. New insights into M-dwarf magnetism 23 February 2023 Oleg Kochukhov (Uppsala University)
The Extremes of Accretion: Ultraluminous X-ray Sources and Super-Eddington Pulsars 16 February 2023 Dr. Dom Walton, University of Hertfordshire
Understanding the stars in our search for another Earth 9 February 2023 Dr. Annelies Mortier (University of Birmingham)
The physics of AGN feedback in galaxy clusters" booms, bangs and whistles 2 February 2023 Prof. Chris Reynolds, IoA Cambridge
Title Date Speaker
TBC 1 December 2022 Dr. Vanessa Hill (Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur)
The Baryon Cycle 24 November 2022 Celine Peroux (ESO)
Galaxies in the young Universe 17 November 2022 James Dunlop (Royal Observatory Edinburgh)
The gas environment of galaxies across 10 billion years 10 November 2022 Michele Fumagalli (Milano Bicocca)
The emerging picture of radio emission in Active Galactic Nuclei 3 November 2022 Dr. Leah Morabito, Durham University
Characterising the dense molecular gas in galaxies 27 October 2022 Prof. Serena Viti, Leiden Observatory
Probing the early evolution of stellar and planetary systems 13 October 2022 Edward Gillen (QMUL)
Strong lensing of transients by clusters of galaxies: From cosmic telescopes to cosmic microscopes 9 June 2022 Adi Zitrin (Ben Gurion University)
Cluster Cosmology: Game On or Game Over? 19 May 2022 Kathy Romer (Sussex)
Dusty Star Formation 12 May 2022 Matthew Bate (Exeter)
Exploring the outer solar system with space robots 5 May 2022 Carly Howett (Oxford)
Spatially and temporally resolving 
the wondrous lives of galaxies 28 April 2022 Sandro Tacchella (Kavli Institute for Cosmology)
Unveiling cosmic dawn 17 March 2022 Anastasia Fialkov, IoA
Anomalous emission-line behaviour: evidence for disc winds? 10 March 2022 Dr. Michael Goad (Leicester)
AI “Shallow" and “Deep" Learning of the Dark Universe 3 March 2022 Prof. Ofer Lahav (University College London)
Planck, Theme and Variations 24 February 2022 François-Xavier Desert / Kavli Institute for Cosmology