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Probing reionization with radiative transfer simulations

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Shikhar Asthana (University of Cambridge)26 April 2023Institute of Astronomy Seminars


The ionization of neutral hydrogen at z>6 is the last major phase-transition of the Universe, and is known as the Epoch of Reionization. Over the past decade, research into reionization has exploded with improved radiative transfer simulations and most recently the flood of data from JWST. To this end, we use ATON, a program implemented on GPUs, built to solve the radiative transfer equation in a cosmological volume. Our recent work involves updating ATON to include helium and multiple frequency bins, enabling us to simulate a wide range of reionization histories, and source models extending from z=15-20 to the end of reionization at z=5. In this talk, I will discuss the findings from our simulations and the implications in the context of recent JWST observations.


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