Institute of Astronomy

Simulating SMBHs: Jets in realistic cluster environments & SMBH binaries in gas rich circumbinary discs

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Martin Bourne15 March 2023Institute of Astronomy Seminars


I will present results from two recent/ongoing projects related to simulating SMBHs. Feedback in the form of AGN jets is clearly acting in galaxy clusters, however, the exact mechanism by which the jet energy is communicated to the ICM is still to be fully understood. Current cosmological simulations lack the resolution to fully capture AGN jets and lobe inflation, while jet simulations are perform in idealised environments that neglect cluster weather. I will present simulations that include high resolution jets in a cosmologically evolved cluster, discuss the ICM heating mechanisms and the role of cluster weather. I will further present current work that considers the effect of ICM magnetic fields on this process. If time, I will additionally present results from a separate current project simulating SMBH binaries in gas rich circumbinary discs, outline how the binaries evolve due to accretion and gas torques, and discuss the spin evolution of the SMBHs.


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