Institute of Astronomy

Propagating fluctuations in 2-dimensions: a new numerical model for stochastic accretion disc simulations

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Samuel Turner2 November 2022Institute of Astronomy Seminars


Accretion occurs across a large range of scales and physical regimes. Despite this diversity in the physics, the observed properties show remarkably similarity. The theory of propagating fluctuations, first proposed by Lyubarskii (1997), has long been used to explain these phenomena. In this talk I will present the most detailed stochastic alpha-disc simulations based on this theory to date, including for the first time a 2-dimensional analogue of the 1-dimensional theory. I will show how this 2-dimensional work differs from the previous literature and show how the disc thickness and the timescale on which stochastic driving occurs are of fundamental important to what we observe. Finally, I will consider how this new stochastic model can be applied more widely within the field of accretion discs.


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