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Cosmology with Type Ia supernovae: A view from ZTF

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Suhail Dhawan8 September 2021Institute of Astronomy Seminars


The discrepancy between the local measurement of the Hubble constant and the early universe inference is a potential sign of new cosmological physics. However, it can also be due to unknown / unaccounted for sources of systematics. I will talk about recent work on the Type Ia supernova rung of the distance ladder, focussing on a novel sample from the first year of operations from the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF).

Strongly lensed Type Ia supernovae are a completely independent probe of the Hubble constant, not requiring any calibration from the local distance ladder. I will talk about results on time-delays, lensing magnification and extinction properties from the first resolved strongly lensedType Ia supernovae and present the ongoing search from ZTF.


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