Institute of Astronomy

The story of our Galaxy, as told by Gaia

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Payel Das (Surrey)18 March 2021Institute of Astronomy Colloquia


Gaia has brought our Milky Way into focus in an unprecedented way, enabling us to unravel its turbulent past. The synergy between Gaia and ground-based spectroscopic surveys has provided us with photometry, 6-D phase-space coordinates, and spectra for millions of stars. The inferred dynamical and chemical properties have placed constraints on evolutionary processes that have shaped our Galaxy, and reliable ages have allowed us to make chronological sense of them. I will discuss a few key events in the story of how our Galaxy formed. To finish, I will say some words about what our new perspective on the formation of the Milky Way can reveal about the evolution of disk galaxies throughout the Universe.


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