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New Methods for Identifying Lyman Continuum Leakers and Reionization-Epoch Analogues

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Harley Katz (Oxford)9 October 2020Institute of Astronomy Galaxies Discussion Group


Identifying low-redshift galaxies that emit Lyman Continuum radiation is one of the primary, indirect methods of studying galaxy formation in the epoch of reionization. However, not only has it proved challenging to identify such systems, but it also remains uncertain whether the low-redshift LyC leakers are true "analogues" of the sources that reionized the Universe. I will talk about how we use high-resolution cosmological radiation hydrodynamics simulations to examine whether simulated galaxies in the epoch of reionization share similar emission-line properties to observed LyC leakers at z~3 and z∼0. Furthermore, I will discuss how we use our simulated galaxies to develop multiple new diagnostics
to identify LyC leakers using IR and nebular emission lines and how they can be applied to galaxies at redshifts as high at z=9.1.


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