Institute of Astronomy

Cosmology on the plane of density perturbations

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Oliver Friedrich (Kavli Institute)2 September 2020Institute of Astronomy Seminars


At any given scale and time, standard analyses of the large-scale structure of the Universe only extract 3 numbers from the cosmic galaxy density and matter density fluctuations: their two variances and their covariance. In the late Universe, these 3 numbers are smooth functions of time and scale and lead to featureless signals that only poorly distinguish between between cosmological signatures and signatures of poorly understood astrophysics, poorly understood non-linear dynamics and systematic effects. In the talk I will demonstrate how to lift these limitations by analysing the full shape of the joint probability distribution function (PDF) of galaxy density and matter density fluctuations. I will also introduce the publicly available software toolkit CosMomentum which has been developed in Cambridge and is able to analyse the full shape of this PDF in realistic data.


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