Institute of Astronomy

New substructure in the phase-space of the Milky Way with Gaia

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Teresa Antoja, University of Barcelona20 February 2020Institute of Astronomy Colloquia


Thanks to the large amount of data delivered by the Gaia satellite and their excellent precision, in the last two years we have experienced a vertiginous progress in the studies of our Galaxy. I will review our recent results on the substructure in the phase space of the Galaxy disk and halo. For the Milky Way disk, I will talk about the discovery of unexpected structures in the phase-space such as the phase spiral and of the ridges in the in-plane velocities, and I will discuss how we are trying to figure out whether these are consistent with the effects of internal mechanisms such as the bar or the spiral arms, or are produced by the interaction with satellite galaxies. I will also present recent results on the proper motion of the Sagittarius stream obtained from a blind search of proper motion over-densities in the halo with Gaia data.


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