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The Impact of Photo-ionization Feedback on Massive Star Formation

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Nina Sartorio (University of St Andrews)8 May 2019Institute of Astronomy Seminars


A fundamental unanswered question in star formation is how massive stars (of masses ~ 8 Msun or higher) acquire their mass.
The onset of nuclear fusion in these stars occurs long before the star has reached its final mass.
Therefore, accretion must somehow continue even after these stars are emitting copious amounts of ionizing UV radiation.
In this talk we explore some of the challenges we face in massive star formation and analyse the effect of photo-ionization
on accretion disks, as seen in recently preformed in high-resolution 3D radiation-hydrodynamics simulations; thereby verifying in
which scenarios photo-ionizing feedback may lead to a dissolution of the disk and which scenarios it may allow accretion to continue


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