Institute of Astronomy

From Seeds to Monsters:  Supermassive Black Holes Over Cosmic Time

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Priya Natarajan (Yale)15 March 2018Institute of Astronomy Colloquia


Most galaxies, if not all, appear to host central 
supermassive black hole​s​, whose masses correlate with host galaxy properties​. This suggests that the growth and assembly of galaxies is coupled to that of their nuclear black holes. We have developed new, more empirically driven semi-analytic models to track black hole growth 
that explores a range of initial seeding models, as well as accretion modes. New insights into the formation, fueling and feedback from black holes in these models will be presented. We show that our understanding of the assembly history of black holes stands to be ​transformed, with upcoming and future observational probes JWST​, LYNX and LISA ​that will provide  key discrimination between these models, and further illuminate the black hole-host galaxy connection.


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