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Diagnosing feedback with the Lyman-alpha forest at z~0.1

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
James Bolton (Nottingham)7 July 2017Institute of Astronomy Galaxies Discussion Group


I will introduce a new set of state-of-the-art hydrodynamical simulations of the intergalactic medium -- the Sherwood simulation suite -- and compare them to a wide variety of Lyman-alpha forest observations obtained with ground and space based observatories. While the agreement between observational data and theory is excellent at z>2, significant differences remain at lower redshift, particularly for the Lyman-alpha forest at z~0.1 observed using the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS) on the HST. I shall discuss the nature of this discrepancy, what it may imply about galactic feedback in the low redshift Universe, and advance some possible explanations for its resolution.


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