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Beyond the stellar-halo mass relation: links between the dark matter halo and galaxy size and the total globular cluster population.

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Mike Hudson (Waterloo)9 June 2017Institute of Astronomy Galaxies Discussion Group


I will discuss recent results that allow us to measure dark matter halo masses for stacked samples via weak gravitational lensing. The non-linear stellar-to-halo mass relation is now well understood empirically, although the physical mechanisms behind it are still uncertain. I will review the most recent results from our CFHTLenS survey. However there remains considerable scatter in this relation which must be linked to other parameters of the galaxy. I will discuss new unpublished results on the dependence of halo mass on galaxy size at fixed stellar mass.

The second part of the talk will discuss the surprising link between the mass in globular clusters and the mass of the dark matter halo, as well as a new correlations between the size of the GC system and halo mass.

If time permits, as a bonus topic I will discuss our weak lensing map of dark matter filaments between Luminous Red Galaxies.


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