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Galaxy clusters as hydrodynamics laboratories

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Elke Roediger (University of Hull)25 May 2017Institute of Astronomy Colloquia


The intra-cluster medium (ICM) of galaxy clusters shows a wealth of hydrodynamical features that trace the growth of clusters via
the infall of galaxies or smaller subclusters. Such hydrodynamical features include the wakes of the infalling objects as well as
the interfaces between the host cluster’s ICM and the atmosphere of the infalling object. Furthermore, the cluster dynamics can be
traced by merger shocks, bow shocks, and sloshing motions of the ICM. Additionally, the prominence of each of these features is
modified by transport coefficients in the ICM, i.e., its viscosity and thermal conductivity.
I will give an overview of our recent work on understanding and deciphering such traces of cluster growth, regarding both the
growth history of clusters as well as transport properties of the ICM.


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