Institute of Astronomy

The role of gas flows in driving galaxy evolution: clues from the cold interstellar medium

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Amelie Saintonge (UCL)13 October 2016Institute of Astronomy Colloquia


Observations of molecular gas in distant galaxies are experiencing a coming-of-age, transitioning from a "discovery" to a "survey" mode. New and upgraded facilities are now making it possible to survey molecular gas efficiently in large galaxy samples, and these observations are proving to be critical in refining our general picture of galaxy evolution. In this talk, I will review recent results from the two largest surveys for molecular gas in normal star-forming galaxies, the z=0 IRAM-30m COLD GASS
survey and the z=1-2 IRAM-PdBI PHIBSS survey, and show how they combine to lend strong support in favour of the "equilibrium" model for galaxy
evolution, under which most of galaxy evolution is regulated by gas inflows and outflows, and by the efficiency of the star formation process.


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