Institute of Astronomy

Star Formation in a Hard X-ray Selected AGN Sample

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Richard Mushotzky (University of Maryland)6 October 2016Institute of Astronomy Colloquia


The relationship between star formation and AGN is a crucial feature of all theories of galaxy formation but the connection between the two has been the subject of much controversy. We will present results on the star formation properties of a sample of 320 objects chosen from a relatively unbiased low redshift survey of AGN in the very hard x-ray band. The star formation indicators are obtained from broad band IR photometry and imaging with Herschel, WISE and eVLA data. We find that the host galaxies of moderate luminosity AGN are: frequently (60% of the time) below the main sequence of star formation occupied by normal star forming galaxies, that the AGN component of the far IR luminosity is strongly correlated with the hard x-ray luminosity, that mergers are much more common amongst those objects which lie on or above the main sequence, that the star formation rate is uncorrelated with AGN luminosity and that there appears to be a morphological difference in the radio emission between galaxies on and below the main sequence.