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Formation of Tidal Captured Binaries, Micro-tidal Disruption Events and Gravitational Wave Sources Following Neutron Star Natal

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Hagai Perets27 July 2016Binary Stars Talks


At birth neutron star (NSs) receive large natal velocity kicks. When accompanied by a binary companion such kicks may unbind the system or significantly change the binary orbit. In some cases the random kicks lead to very close approach between the newly born NS and its companion, at which point dissipative tidal forces and general relativistic effects become important. Here we focus on such events; we use binary stellar evolution models in which we incorporate natal kicks and follow the trajectories of the NSs to study the outcomes of such events in detail. We find that a such events could lead to high rates of collisional outcomes in the field (typically discussed only in the context of dense stellar clusters), including tidal capture formation of compact binaries, the tidal disruption of a main sequence or a white-dwarf companion by the NS (a micro - tidal disruption event), a direct collision with a companion star, or the production of a gravitational wave progenitors when the companion star is a compact object. We conclude that these little studied post-natal kick close approaches could play a major role in the formation of compact binaries and collisional outcomes in the field.


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