Institute of Astronomy

Post AGB Binaries and their Circumbinary Discs

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Hans Van Winckel26 July 2016Binary Stars Talks


In this talk I will focus on evolved binaries of low to intermediate mass. In these systems, with orbital periods of one to several years, the most luminous object is an evolved post-AGB star and the unseen companion is suspected to be un-evolved. It is by now well established that these systems are often surrounded by a stable dusty circumbinary disk. Thanks to dedicated interferometric observations, we are now able to directly probe the structure and kinematics of these disks. I will hence review the properties of these disks and critically compare them with disks observed around young stellar objects. Recent results show that the presence of this new actor in the binary interaction landscape may have a strong influence on the orbital parameters, in particular by its ability to generate (pump) eccentricity. There is hence convincing evidence that these disks must play a lead role in the evolution of these binaries.