Institute of Astronomy

Investigating Multiplicity of Binary Stars and the Nature of Substellar Companions with Greek 2.3m Aristarchos Telescope

SpeakerTalk DateTalk Series
Eleftheria-Panagota Christopoulou25 July 2016Binary Stars Talks


I will discuss results of recent observational studies of interesting eclipsing binaries (EBs) with the 2.3 Aristarchos telescope at Helmos Observatory, Greece  as part of a program  that aims  to 1) photometric follow up observations of KIC objects from Kepler field with Eclipse Timing Variation Signals and 2)  observations of low mass eclipsing binaries in order to infer the existence of substellar companions or circumbinary planets. Here we will describe the photometric selection criteria and the modern analysis techniques (heuristic scanning with parameter perturbation, genetic algorithm PIKAIA) that enable to reveal, optimize and constrain the astrophysical parameters of selected EBs. Finally I will discuss prospects of spectroscopic observations.